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Oh, I see now. Right so perhaps I should stay away from Damnations Flame. I dont have that much money to spend on comics so I will just go for the better stuff.

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The thing is, it does fit into the overall chronology of Ennis' run really well, and I think you'll get more out his stories if you read them in order. And the three backup stories in Damnation's Flame are really good.


But if it's a choice between Damnation's Flame and Fear and Loathing, I'd pick up the latter, since it fills the gap between Dangerous Habits and Tainted Love.


Definitely make sure you read Rake at the Gates of Hell after the others, though.


That Ennis run in order again:


Dangerous Habits

Fear and Loathing

Tainted Love

Damnation's Flame

Rake at the Gates of Hell

Son of Man

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