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Favourite Comic Characters

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I'm sorry, I can't shorten my list to four, but I'll *try* to put it in some kind of order:


1. John Constantine, from guess what comic, tied with Jaeger Ayers from Finder - both complex, contradictory, and not always entirely on the right track, morally speaking... both men you could spend ages exploring. John Constantine gets extra coolness points for being a magician and having been a punk once, while Jaeger gets extra coolness points for being a nomad in a far-future high tech world, always on the move, fitting in nowhere.


2. Kenji Endo and Otcho, both from 20th Century Boys, because they're heroes I can actually root for, forced into a life in the underground (I like rebels). Also, Kenji can't sing but never stops trying, which is somewhat touching and sometimes borders on the heroic, and Otcho saves people from thugs and then steals their watches. What's not to like? *g*


3. Walky from It's Walky - a screwed up kid who tries to avoid a harsh reality by refusing to grow up, a goofy superhuman hero who is fascinated by body excretions, and *still* gets the girl.


4. Jack the Plaid from Zebra Girl - because he has *the* best wizard's name ever, and has returned from death like Gandalf the Grey, and can apparently make his body insubstantial when he goes to other dimensions, and do cool stuff with his magical plaid shirt. Also, wizards are inherently cool (see 1.) He also angsts prettily and grows convincingly from good-for-nothing slacker with a porn obsession to powerful wizard.



Since most of these are probably unknown to most readers of this forum, here's images and links:


Jaeger: http://www.lightspeedpress.com/ - That's Jaeger in the top righthand corner.


Kenji: http://www.classicmanga.com/20thcenturyboy...ters_kenji.html

Otcho: http://www.classicmanga.com/20thcenturyboy...ters_otcho.html

(Spoilers, obviously! Also: Weird English Warning.)


Walky: http://www.itswalky.com/d/20040404.html


Jack: http://zebragirl.keenspot.com/d/20041126.html

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1) Cassidy from Preacher

2) Spider Jerusalem

3) Cole Burns from 100 Bullets

4) Etrigan (but I've only really read his appearances in Swamp Thing)


I'm a bit too much of a Vertigo guy really....

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1. Buddy Bradley(Hate Comics)

2. John Constantine

3. Spider Jerusalem

4. Marshal Law (2000 A.D) Nice parody of muscle bound heroes and their ideals.

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