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Did y'all spot the Oglaf collection?


200 colour pages for a lousy 18 bucks.



I sure did. I kind of want.


I finally got time to go collect my comics, and asked Stu in the shop if they could order it for me, but he couldn't find it anywhere online in his ordering system. Maybe those topatoco folks have the monopoly on Omni-Sexual Aussie Smut?.



If i had of been able to, I would have brought one. Afterwards i thought, well, good thing I couldn't, people think I am fucked up enough already, imagine if one of my sister-in-laws spotted that book in my possesion, I would never be allowed to take my nephews/nieces/their pets, for a walk again.


From the link now.

Due to higher-than-expected demand (and in an effort to keep Trudy from losing her mind/ability to grip things), we've cut off the Artist bookplate versions. Those will begin shipping in Mid-November! Thanks!

lol, world full of perverts-with-the-internets, I suspected as much.


OH, this is cool, an online interview by both the writer and the artist. Top question/answer


[Question] zebra8lion: What was their drawing/writing experience before starting Oglaf?


[Answer]Oh, you know- the usual stuff: half-finished novel, a million half-finished screenplays, endless notepads full of projects that were fun for a while... then got difficult so they got abandoned. A big horrible cabinet of shame.



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OH MY GOODNESS, Sethos, that "His face all red" is so good, what for you not tell us before?. For.


( Minor complaint. Her guns are drawn like sticks. All the attention to clothing, and not a drop to (manly) accessories?. The thing about guns, is they is hard, rigid, functional. They don't oughta look like bent sticks. )

It's okay, but I didn't get the story.

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It gave me another thing to dislike and condemn myself for. I responded to the idea that people looking from the outside and saying "Just smile" really don't understand what is going on in my head when the chemicals rage . . . and then what do you suppose? I curled my own lip in judgement at the self mutilator.


"Obviously they should know that they should just stop doing that! . . . what is wrong with them . . . "


( Just the same sort of thing I feel most hurt by when people say to me "You must know you shouldn't dwell on things past and done with . . . what is wrong with you?" )


But don't feel bad Kate, you must not feel bad you know, because then I will feel bad!.


[bitter sweet] Lol [/bitter sweet]



Besides, on a good day, nothing makes Tigger feel bad, and on a bad day, nothing makes him feel good, hardly a chance in there for you to be responsible for anything. Feeling "bad" today would be as silly as feeling "wonderful" the day I am far up the up curve, and your post about something makes me collapse in hysterics. Objectively I relish the posts amusing of my friends, subjectively I am fucked up.


I am very sorry!. lol.

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Whenever I visit Dallas, I always hit this comic shop called Zeus Comics. TIL (yesterday, really, but does anyone know YIL?) that they shoot a web series there about life in a comic shop: The Variants. Yes, it's video, but it takes place in a comic shop, and it is featured on the web, so I posted it here since 'web' and 'comic' are part of its description.




and they reached their financial goal to start producing the first 6 episodes of season 3 in June.


I haven't seen any of the episodes yet, but it's a cool comic shop.

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