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I'm more interested to learn that "TANTIMEDH" is his actual name and not a typo or acronym.


Can't wait for the issue where everything stops for a five-page complaint about crap London transport and the shittiness of UK TV writers. And then the same thing happens again the following issue in exactly the same way.

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My favourite webcomic of late is xkcd. There's no internal continuity - it's all just one-off 'gag' strips, but it's worth going back to read the older ones just because some of them are so hilariously funny. Many of the very early strips are just scanned-in notebook doodles, but it doesn't take long before you get to the good stuff.


The art is - well, "primitive" is such a small word, and stick-figures are very much the order of the day - but the jokes are frequently absolutely inspired. You'll need a basic grounding in science to really get some of the humour, but even if the IT-nerd/chemistry jokes pass you by, there's still plenty to enjoy.



In a less humour-based vein, I'm rather fond of Planet Karen, by Karen Ellis. It's pretty basic autobiographical stuff, of a type which I don't usually find especially interesting, but there's an honesty and lack of pretence about the strip which keeps bringing me back. I have to admit, though, that I've enjoyed it less since the art became a little more polished - as she's continued, she's settled into a style which, while doubtless more accomplished, doesn't actually appeal to me as much as the charmingly-amateurish scribbling of the earlier strips did. But that might just be me.

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http://www.phdcomics.com may only be funny if you're a postgraduate student.


Oh, and if you're able to laugh at your (depressing) situation.




As he drops me off at the airport, Todd thanks me for drawing PHD comics.


"You help grad students not quit."



I'm emailing this to Diana, who did the grad school thing and still talks about it.



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Unfortuantly you can't edit that page directly, it's automatically complied from webcomic wiki pages that have the tags:


|country= United Kingdom

|eponym= British

|subject= webcomic

|subject link=

|subject 2= comic strips


so you have to go to the pages of all the British webcomics you want to identify and then add these tags at the end of the file, personally i can't be fucked bothered.

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