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Meeting John Constantine

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John Konstantin is a british magician in the Pope Alejo's Europe. This tyranic and mad dictator believes to be possessed by the soul of Philip K. Dick, and using his cool charisma, money and an army of clonic soldiers made up by Franco-Belgian artists (Hergé, for example), controlled all Europe, blowed up the Vatican and from Barcelona, renamed as Barnacity, binded all the occidental world to darkness. He banned comics, rolegames, heavy and dance music, action movies, books, etc and make social pressure with the Fanhunters. There's still the Resistence: Don Depresor (a blind 'superhero' who is supposed to have powers), Ridli Scott (a megafan of Alien movies), X-Tremo (superhero with all the X-Men powers), Belit (an ex-comicshop worker), Father Merrin (with his Holy Bible autographied by Mike Tysson)... and Konstantine.

I first heard about him in the Fanhunter rolegame. I then read the Fanhunter comics, and finded out what happened in Newcastle: he was keeping safe some English comic artists (Moore, Morrison, Grant-hi Bristol) but a Fanhunter team came up. John opened a portal to another dimension to hide the authors, but he made a little mistake and they were all eaten by an astral demon ('No more? Twat, Konstantin himself! Why do you bring me the breakfast?').


Then I fall in love with that character and began to look for the real Constantine. And in the first Hellblazer comic I had, John was an alcoholic beggar who pissed over the King of Vampires' head.


How did you began to read Hellblazer?

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