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Lack of content on the Constantine site

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Red-Some people just don't have very good comprehension skills.


Guest went on to talk about his "fat ass wife" showing exactly what an above board type of guy he is. Maybe you want to talk about ethnic stereotypes next to complete your life experiences for us? Did you kill some "gooks" in 'Nam too, buddy?!

Yep, you went on to reply to me, "You're still in high school". What an outstanding barb on your part.

It's obvious that we are here arguing with some 18 year old snot nosed punk who wants to sound impressive.

Why are we bothering with this? My guess is he gets off to this sort of shite. He's probably a member of 20 different message boards and when he gets home from school, he likes to go around and say this kind of stuff to try and get a rise out of adults.

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