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Astonishing X-Men

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umm...X-Statix has been cancelled for well over a year by now.

Did you mean Peter David's X-Factor?


Mike Carey's X-Men?

It could be better. There isn't a lot of characterization or deep plots. It's mostly an action book being built around the idea that team-leader Rogue has become something of a "loose cannon", forming a team made mostly of untrustworthy misfits (people like Sabretooth or Mystique). Is Rogue losing her mind or is she actually a genius?

The first story-arc went on too long, suffered from undecipherable Chris Bachalo art, and the villains were ciphers.

The second arc is better; clearer art, shorter story-arc, and the villain is entertaining, if still somewhat lacking in characterization.

This certainly isn't the Vertigo Mike Carey, but I would say it's far from being a bad book. I enjoyed the Morrison and Milligan runs far more and hope that Carey grows more comfortable writing an X-title.

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