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Tim Bradstreet

Talk to the Creators of Bad Planet - Tonight only!

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Tonight, Thursday December 14th, check out the first ever BIGFANBOY

LIVECAST, featuring RAW ENTERTAINMENT boys Thomas Jane, Steve Niles,

Tim Bradstreet, and Jim Daly. Host Mark Walters is going to catch up

with the guys on their current and upcoming projects, plus take

questions from fans in the chat room. The show begins at 8:30pm

Central Time (9:30pm Eastern). To find out how you can listen and

participate, just head over to http://www.bigfanboy.com and click on

the LIVECAST info link. The show will also be available the

following day for download.


Tune it in folks!

- Tb

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Your efforts at pimping Cal here have been more than impressive but I have to ask man, why haven't you taken this act on the road - your post above this, you're looking at a five page thread on Millarworld right there!


On the Byrne forum...well, that'd probably crash the internet but there you go!

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I say Punisher 2 - launch in Brighton next November !


Or at least preview in Birmingham in September.


Bring the whole Bad Planet gang too.

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Heheh, we should take that act on the road.


I'd love to get the Planet gang out to the UK this summer.

We have to see what shows are going on and see what Jane's schedule is like.


We are going to have a booth at SDCC though for sure.

That ought to be a gas.


- tB


PS - You can get a recap of the Livecast or download that 90 minute mammoth from here -----> http://www.bigfanboy.com/pages/livecast/bigfanboy1.html

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