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Nerdophenia strikes again

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I agree. But I also think Superman lives in a world with John Constantine.


They should get a place together that would be cool, an odd couple for the 21st century on ACID!!!!!

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Waiting for Zod


episode 1


The Ketchup Incident


Internal, Evening


JOHN is sitting on the sofa a can of tennents in one hand and a cig in the other


KAL enters from outside wearing grey mack and fedora with an umbrella, soaked from the rain, he meticouly hangs up his mack and hat and umbrella careful not to get the floor wet. he steps into the living area and directly onto a pizza that had been left on the floor with a pair of soiled pants on top.



Great Caesars Ghost John!!, can't you ever clean up after yourself.



Fuck off you pompous bastard.


this thing writes its self

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