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A. Heathen

Give me, give me, give me ... more more Moore.

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you again for your patience.


We like to announce that the Shadowsnake Marketplace is now officially open. As of 13 March 2007 we are now ready to start the pre-orders for The Mindscape of Alan Moore DVD.


You are cordially invited to visit:




Great care and detail has gone into the contents, design of the whole package, as we wanted to bring out something we would actually be interested in ourselves.


The DVD took a lot of effort to develop to the highest standards, after we lost a lot of time with the major distributors who wanted to release it without subtitles, in a more commercially designed package, without extras (or a "bonus edition" 6 months later, which we thought would be exploitative towards buyers of the film) etc. It was around April last year that we decided to go for independent distribution as this would allow us the freedom to create something far more interesting and timeless.


So now we are releasing a TOTAL OF 5 HOURS OF MATERIAL ON A DOUBLE DISC EDITION, BOTH DUAL LAYER (DVD 9), which means the best compression/bit rate and therefore sharpest picture quality and sound possible. Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Stereo.


But as an independent company this has not been easy, therefore your support is now crucial. Please forward to any friends, fans or those who might be interested.



At present we have your mail addresses from emails you have sent us. But if you would like to Join Our Mailing List please submit your details:





Thank you for al your emails. To answer the most common questions:



The official release of the DVD is tentatively scheduled for 30 March 2007.


Pre-orders will be taken starting today and a 5 % discount will be given until 30 March 2007. Please click the yellow coupon on the site to get this.


These orders will be sent out from the first line of production in April.




PLEASE NOTE: The DVD will be available in 2 different systems. Both are Region 0.


NTSC (e.g. USA, Canada, Japan)


See complete list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTSC


PAL (e.g. UK, Europe)


Both were separately mastered at Stream Digital in London, to ensure the best quality and compression (hardware based encoding).




MAIN METHOD: All payments via credit or debit card are processed over a secure server and payment gateway.


ALTERNATIVE METHOD: Only for customers who do not have credit or debit cards, we can also accept Paypal.





As with the DVD itself ,we’ve taken tremendous care of every detail on an aesthetic and technical level. But with the special leather grimoires the pricing is hard to determine as they are still literally being made by hand, stitched and fire branded. The plan is to include a DVD, and the soundtrack CD in there. So once the leather grimoires are available, those of you that already acquired the DVD will get that price discounted later on.




Yes, the soundtrack will be available on CD early Summer. We are an independent after all, so cannot develop all the products at once to spread our resources. The same applies to the 3 film posters designed by John Coulthart, which will be available to order as well.


Hopefully this is enough information for now.


Thank you for your interest in The Mindscape of Alan Moore and your continued patience. We truly appreciate your positive response and support.


Best wishes,


Charisse Vyzelman

Marketing Manager

Shadowsnake Films

London, England

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Scroll down and click the button at the bottom.

That works.


And it takes paypal as well as credit card ifn you look closely like I didn't.

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