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Constantine Time

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On the blood, and James is probably right cause I've forgotten half the script at this stage, but....


Doesn't that scene take place in the bowling alley right after he finds Beeman dying?  The blood is probably his (Bs).


I don't remember him being particularly soggy in that scene, so that's what made me think of the end of the film. I'm almost certain that he does the Power Rangers arm-slapping bit as he's trying to exorcise Mammon from Angela.


Also, the clips we've seen of Beeman's corpse show him completely covered by flies with no blood to be seen.


I should've read the script again before I passed it on, but the praying bit depressed me so much that I couldn't bear to inflict it on myself again.

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The burns/stains. Obviously he just can't iron a shirt properly. :rolleyes:


Such is the life of the solitary mage no women to do the ironing for yer. :p


He should have gone down the bingo hall I'm sure there would have been a nice old dear down there who'd take pity on him.

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