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J. White

Hellblazer #203

What did you think of #203 ?  

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  1. 1. What did you think of #203 ?

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"The appelation 'Geordie' is reputed to have originated from the Jacobites who in 1715 rebelled against the tyrannic rule of George I. Their stronghold was located in Bamburgh, Northumbria . The people of Tyneside remained loyal to

the King , their counterparts dubbed them 'george's men' which evolved into the familiar designation known today.

Other derivations have been attributed to George Stephenson the railroad pioneer & the geordie lamp worn by the local coalminers on their pit helmets."


For a look at the history of the North-Eastern English dialect, try here:



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So you're die-hard royalists, eh? :lol:

Thanks for clearing that up

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Guest Bryce

hmmmm....makes you wonder if Marj and Mercury are on the list to be offed.


it would be a shame, not that I cared deeply either way for the two characters, but they still hold the special award for being deeply close to Johnny without being crippled, disfigured or maimed either physically, emotionally or spirtually...


time to pick up the next dozen or so issues...



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