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The Eagle Comic

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All of Ortiz' work in Eagle was top-notch: Tower King, House of Daemon, The Fifth Horseman, and I think that one about the news team.

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Well, after going on an Ebay binge, I've reacquired the issues of Eagle that I owned years ago, plus a few more besides.


It's been a nostalgic headfuck, to say the least. Just leafing through the pages of each issue again is like stepping back in time. I remember exactly what I was thinking, what I was feeling, back when I read these stories for the first time.


Starting with Survival, one must remark that it grew in stature in my mind during the years since I've read it in inverse proportions to how good it actually is, a consequence of nostalgic longing. It's still interesting fare, with some good ideas, a wonderfully bleak outlook and some stunning visuals. But at heart it is, of course, a children's comic, replete with corny dialog loaded with exposition ("A car! And it's coming straight at me! I haven't got time to get out of the way!"), light characterisation if any and some stupendously poor resolutions to cliffhangers. Ortiz's artwork, however, is worth the admission price and elevates it above mediocrity. Some of it is comparable to Eddie Campbell's work on From Hell. It's similarly striking.


Reading the rest of the strips, one gets the impression that the writers and artists must have been working entirely independent of one another. The artists are serving up a wonderful visual feast of non-corporeal dimensions, gleaming starships, hideous monsters and mutuations, melting bodies and nightmare zones while the poor old writers, no doubt toiling away under the whip of a rapidly looming deadline, are churning out the most basic A moves to B moves to C material imaginable.


I was going to describe The Thirteenth Floor as a laughably right-wing little strip before I realised that it is in no way political or purposeful. Every story is a variation on 'Ne'er-do-well gains access to Maxwell Tower, antagonises the tenants, is transported to the thirteenth floor by Max ("Thirteenth floor? This building doesn't have a thirteenth floor!") where he is tortured for a few minutes before repenting unquestionably and set free. The strip only exists so the reader can vicariously experience giving scumbags a good kicking and the most unusual thing about it is the fact that only one of the victims dies from fright. The mandatory ludicrous dialog gets an outing too, of course ("The shark! It's pulling me to pieces!").


Doomlord, I've since come to understand, has a degree of success outside of Eagle - even getting his own TPB from 2000AD. The story I remember most fondly from the issues I read dealt with Vek fending off an alien invasion of Australia by The Populators Of Pollux (oh, yes). There's a moment in the story where the fictional town of Ellis, Australia is being "sterilised" by a laser beam fired from a hovering alien starship, the beam melting or incinerating anyone or anything it comes into contact with. Alien robots are then dispatched to mop up surivors. One man, evidently hideously burned by the beam and who should be in agonising pain, sees the oncoming robots and loudly remarks, "Knock me down with a platypus! Robots!"


Not that any of this will dissuade me from buying the remaining copies, assuming I can find them. I still remain irredeemably sad.

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Hello friends!


I also am a fan of this series.

Someone has mentioned that the series in Spanish, I also I have it, but incomplete (the first 76 pages of 183).

If someone could scan these pages missing, I will translate into both languages​​, would be the last comic eagles of which includes the publication, eagle # 319 and lower, 61 magazines to 3 pages per issue .... calculate you ...

I'm very interested, so I speak Spanish, but I do not know English. excuse the translator of google.

would need scans .. I would do the rest ..

I bring also this:




is also the same comic, but a publication india ... in INDIAN!!, has other names and change some pages, so it can be investigated more thoroughly, but in the comments only use English and that language strange ... I slow


this is the most complete thread I found:




thanks and if these comics are there will be "survival".


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Hibernia Comics (bless 'em) has spotlighted 'Survival'. This Facebook link may or may not work:


Anyway, there's some chance they might do a reprint collection if there's enough interest.


Survival by José Ortiz and 'D.Horton' a pen name for Barrie Tomlinson ran for a little over a year in the Eagle. Telling the tale of a handful of kids doing their best to survive in a world where most of the population was wiped out by a virus. It was a great story, full of genuinely horrific moments, fantastic artwork, even though the ending let it down a little it would make a great collection. Cover by Ortiz.


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Stylish, but that looks like Dave Gibbon's 2000AD Mekon, not the Eagle version...

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