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another one bites the dust....

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Have you tried reading Spawn? I bet that even you couldn't dent that one. It's defying all the known laws of reality.


Next time a Chuck Austen comic comes along, I'll be sure to tell you about it, because we must always be ware to keep him outside, for the minute we let our guard down, he could come back. He's always watching, waiting, for our moment of weakness.

But, be warned. It'll be a far greater thing you do for society as a whole, even though it will be as of the worst pains of Hell itself for you, and be wary that you might very well be sacrificing your very soul by doing the foul deed for the sake of humanity.

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Arse. Any other titles people don't like? Just let me read them and they'll soon be gone!



Umm good read Superman i've always hated superman...

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