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Incredible Hulk

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. While we're on thr matter, why didn't they have Blonsky as a Russian born American?



Well, of COURSE they couldn't have him be an actual sworn US Marine, St Apathy. He turns evil, doesn't he. And a major US movie house and comic stable simply can not portray an EVIL US serviceman nowadays.

Hm. "In the valley of Elah", "Platoon", "Full metal jacket" etc etc clearly contradict you on this. Also, bear in mind that the MAIN villain isn't really Blonsky - it's General [over-used word]face, and he's american as pumpkin pie.


I suspect that Blonsky was made a "russian born brit" because it was Tim Roth who was chosen for the role.

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I saw it a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it. And much more than I did Iron Man, which didn't really work for me.

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