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A. Heathen

Hellblazer wants lists

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You know how people are always posting their ebay auctions of back issues here and then fucking off without joining in the fun?


Well, inspired by LostSophia's saying she's looking for back issues, I figure some of us may have spares or may be able to look out for issues at the occasional comic marts etc (next week in Birmingham ...)


So, anyone looking out for issues (especially single ones to complete arcs etc) post here.

(And if any ebay posts appear I can add them to this thread for easy reference.)


Also if you have any spare issues to swap or give away.

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It's totally pointless me saying this but I've got a full run and a distaste for the space that the floppies take up so what I do is when a collection of old stuff is announced (such as family man) I take the individual issues for that collection and release them into the wild. I've already done that though for anything that's be solicited so if anything comes up in the future then expect me to be giving those issues away (I'm not often able to ebay them as no one is interested in paying for them by that point).


Here's a list of what I'm holding now that I'll probably be dumping eventually.









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i guess i can put this here.


there is this old used book store close to where i'm staying. when i used to visit here, i'd always wanted to pop in and have a look. now that i'm downwardly mobile once again, i took the new chair (it needs some fat rims, yo) down the lane to do just that.


the store is owned by this sweet old lady who must be 1005 years old. as i began looking around, i noticed she had a lot of first edition hardbacks of some very famous novels: slaughterhouse 5, world according to garp, ulysses, and more (some more contemporary but still worthwhile). she also h-had c-c-comics. all were purchased by her grandson in the 80s & 90s. get where i'm going with this?


she wanted $.25 each for the following:


spawn 1-19

sandman 1-5

mcfarland's spider-man run

the death of supermamn and his costume change

venom's first appearance in spider-man

the watchmen



and so many more...


and nestled there among all these rare (and bagged and carded and in pristine condition comics)


hellblazer annual#1 from 89 by delano talbot & motter! it has a storyboarded mucous membrane video for venus of the hardsell including all the lyrics "by constantine/lester 1978 snot music." it's probably not worth much cash, but i screamed when i found it--it is precious to me. the other story is called 'the bloody saints.' score! i also got issues 63-65.


i gave her $40 for the lot. next week i'll take them to my comic shop and see what they thnk they're worth. they do appraising for insurance purposes.

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