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Claremont Returns to the X-Men!

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Chris Claremont finally gets the chance to rewrite the past 20 (sorta) Claremont free years of X-Men, rather than just ignoring everything other writers have done and pretending the past 20 years never happened.



Thoughts that spring to mind:

1.)Claremont had over-stayed his welcome by the end of his run on Uncanny X-Men, and the plots showed he really had no new ideas left for the characters.

2.)Claremont has returned to the characters many times since 1991, and each time he's shown that he really doesn't seem to care much for these characters anymore, as the plots are uninspired and all the characterization he once brought to the book (that made it so popular) has been missing.

3.)The X-franchise never really moved forward at all until Grant Morrison took over the title. So, all these wild changes from over the years that Claremont is talking about messing with, well, they didn't exist until just the past couple of years.


And while the writer of the article brings up the point that Claremont could go back to tie-up some of the loose ends he left behind when he left the title that other writers finished for him, it also points to the fact that many of these plot threads were tied up using Claremont's own ideas.

The example of what Claremont wanted to do with Gambit eventually....well, Scott Lobdell used those exact same plot ideas, so it's not like that'd be anything novel.


Considering where X-Men: The End went, based on this same sort of premise in some ways originally, I don't see this going well.

sigh....I do miss the glory days of Claremont on Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, and Excalibur though. And, the Alan Davis years on Excalibur, for that matter.

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