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My NYCC 09

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Was a blast! Definitely one of the highlights period for me. I was so darn nervous mostly due to Hine. It came to the point that I was thinking of just not even approaching him and I'm someone that never gets nervous or star-struck. I was chatting with Philip Tan with 3 of my buddies who came along with me and all of an arm goes around my shoulder and I hear in a British voice, "You look like a guy named Greg." I turn around to see Dave himself snuck behind me and it was a huge shock. I really didn't know what to say. :laugh: We chatted for a bit and chatted more later on in the day for a long while and he was just darn awesome. He also drew me a fantastic commission of me as a member of the Addams Family and would not allow me to pay for it.


Also met Gene Colan and I didn't have a Tomb of Dracula that he could sign for me but he autographed my Blade dvd. Met Jay Faerber, Mahmud Asrar, and Yildiray Cinar once again and they were just awesome since we've gotten so used to each other on the Image boards. They were just awesome to hang around. Bryan JL Glass who writes Mice Templar was a riot with his wife. I just had a blast overall. Also, loved seeing Jamal Igle carrying his lil' baby daughter on his shoulders around the place. :laugh: Also, Jersey God's Dan McDaid made me promise that I'd draw one of his characters from his book for an exchange of a Two-Face sketch. I couldn't refuse. Heh, and the sketch surpassed my expectations!


I was very much excited to meet Mike Carey, though. I brought a few Hellblazer issues and my Felix Castor novel but I couldn't find him anywhere! Ugh! And I also couldn't find Marv Wolfram! Darn it!


Also picked up a lot of goodies for good prices. Picked up the Horrorist by Delano and Lloyd. Some Two-Face books I was never able to find for years. And it was great to get my buddies to pick up some books. They had such a great time and my friend Tiana was freakin' out when she met David Mack. A huge inspiration for her and he gave her some awesome goodies free. Just a fantastic day.




Noble Causes' Rusty by Yildiray Cinar



Cassius by Mice Templar writer Bryan JL Glass



Brain-Trust by Dynamo 5's Mahmud Asrar



Brother Voodoo by Buffy's Georges Jeanty



Spawn's Mammon by former Spawn artist, Brian Haberlin



Perhapanaut's Big by co-creator Craig Rousseau



Zera and Spawn by awesome Philip Tan



Two-Face by Jersey God's Dan McDaid! :laugh:


And... the main event....







Me as a member of the Addams Family by David Hine!!! :laugh::boogie:

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Wow, Balthy! Even if I'd had the money or even got over there and in for free, I doubt I'd have had as cool a time as you!


Do you actually have enough wallspace to get all this up?

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Haha! All the pictures except for the last two are in a small sketch book, bout 5x8. I think I'm gonna have the last two framed. :laugh: The last one by Hine is pretty big. I couldn't fit the whole thing in my scanner to scan.

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