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All-New, All-Different First Class

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I might check this out. Could be good fun. No tie-ins or crossovers to ruin the story, a great cast, hopefully some solid stories. May be the only X-book that isn't X-Factor I'm interested in.

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I'll be checking this out. I love the First Class books.

I'll miss the Silver Age team, and Wolverine: First Class covers this area of X-Men continuity, in some ways. Well, it's the post-Dark Phoenix Saga Uncanny X-Men in Wolverine: First Class.

But, this was during the period when I started reading comics and I have fond memories of Claremont's Uncanny X-Men.

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I am very interested. That is "my team" of X-Men. The international feel of the team was awesome; two Americans, a Canadian, a Kenyan (i think), an Irishman, a German, and a Russian. Fantastic.


Speaking of Wolverine: First Class. I checked out an issue and rather like it so I will definitely find more. Am I wrong for preferring the brown/gold costume over the blue/yellow costume?


So is this Uncanny X-Men: First Class replacing X-Men: First Class and Wolverine: First Class?

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You're absolutely not wrong about the Wolverine costume.

Good times. Good times.


I'm not sure of the status of Wolverine: First Class at this time. I think it may be continuing.

Uncanny X-Men: First Class will be replacing X-Men: First Class, without a doubt.

X-Men: First Class has a mini-series at the moment, and that will be the end of the Silver Age team in that format.


Wolverine: First Class can be hit or miss, I suppose. There's been a few too many guest-star of the month stories, but I love 1980s Marvel, so I have no problem seeing all those 1980 characters in their natural environment.

I think the Werewolf By Night two-parter was the only story in the series that lost my interest.

The latest issue, it takes place directly after the events of Uncanny X-Men #150, was amongst my favourite of the series. Kitty must decide if she wants to continue teaming with Wolverine or instead team with Cyclops. Van Lente's portrayal of Scott Summers during this period of his career was splendid. If you haven't read that one, it's worth your time to track it down if you were a fan of early-1980s Claremont's Uncanny X-Men.

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In a nutshell, they are meant to be continuity free X-Men titles geared towards all age readers.

But, this is a lie.

In reality, they're geared towards us fans who grew up reading Stan Lee/Jack Kirby X-Men or the Chris Claremont years on Uncanny X-Men who want to revisit that period of the Marvel Universe.

They are written in an all age fashion, similar to the original 1960s-1980s stories, but they do reference obscure continuity elements that only long-time Marvel fans would understand. Plus, there were many guest stars featured in the book, making it more of a product of the time period it was meant to be set in, meaning that new fans who weren't reading Marvel books in the 1980s might be lost.

Since I've read just about every Marvel comic from 1961-1988 (and tons more from later periods), I'm not the best person to answer whether they're truly accessible or not, but in my eyes, they seem to fail in their purpose, but I'm fine with that since they're perfectly within what I, personally, want to see in the book.

The only response to such I can see is that many of the books ignore established continuity for the sake of the story, so you'll see errors in continuity that fan-boys will take a fit about.


There has been X-Men: First Class (written by Jeff Parker), which tells untold tales of the original Silver Age X-Men team, as written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the 1960s.

Wolverine: First Class (written by Fred Van Lente), which tells untold tales of the early-1980s X-Men as written by Chris Claremont, most focused on Wolverine and Kitty Pryde teaming up.

There was also a Weapon X: First Class mini-series which was pretty well a misfire, as it attempted to retell the continuity heavy Barry Windor-Smith Weapon X mini-series for an all-age audience, when the actual plot is page after page of a secret organization doing experiments on Logan (pre-Wolverine days). Not exactly kid friendly fare, and the whole Weapon X conspiracy plot-line isn't even accessible to most long-term readers of Marvel books. There were also back-up strips in each issue about Sabretooth, Deadpool, and Gambit, and their connections to Weapon X, further muddling accessibility for new readers.

The new series (which isn't out yet), Uncanny X-Men: First Class will tell untold tales of the Claremont/Cockrum All New, All Different Uncanny X-Men team.


The X-Men: First Class series started off as a mini-series including a giant-sized special. Then it became a monthly title, but was cancelled, finishing with another giant-sized special. Now, there's currently a second mini-series to finish off the series.

Wolverine: First Class has been an ongoing title.

Weapon X: First Class was a 3-issue mini.

Uncanny X-Men: First Class will be a new monthly, when it's released.


They're really just Marvel Universe stories set in a simpler time with fun plots and old-school characterization.

The stories are self-contained, so you can pick up the series at any entry point without needing to know about what came beforehand.

But, it's good to have some knowledge of earlier X-Men teams, so that you recognize who the original X-Men team and the original Claremont X-Men team members were.

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Written by SCOTT GRAY

Pencils & Cover by ROGER CRUZ

The early days of the X-Men's second generation are revealed in an all-new series starring Cyclops, Storm, Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Phoenix! Professor X invites the mysterious Inhumans into the X-Men's home, but when Wolverine and Gorgon meet, the party turns ugly! Nightcrawler faces a crisis of faith and searches for an answer in the Inhuman city Attilan - but has he found his salvation or ultimate destruction? Don't miss a culture clash that will rock both super-teams to their cores!

32 PGS./Rated A $2.99

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Yeah, it really wasn't that good.

The First Class books have been going down hill recently, but they were still at least a fun read.

Uncanny X-Men: First Class #1-It's just a continuation of the theme being used in X-Men: First Class and Wolverine: First Class for the past many months. Topical Marvel Universe character guest-stars along with the X-character(s) being featured, etc. A monthly team-up book taking the place of a truly nostalgic X-book for us long-time fans is a bit pointless.

Oh, this month's special guest host:The Inhumans!

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