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Hurry! Hellblazer issues 164-236 available CHEAP

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So, I get this text from my friend in Dallas. He's at the Half Price Books where they are having an additional 20% off sale (in addition to half price). He said he found a stack of Hellblazers #164-236 missing maybe 3 issues, he said but solid from 164 to the end of Carey's run including 212. He counted something like 70 or so comics. That's about 30 at 1/2 of $2.75 (30@$1.38) and 30 at 1/2 of $3 (30 @ $1.50).






-20% (17.28)





$74.82 for roughly 70 issues of Hellblazer, all in bags, some with boards.


Now, if you want to pay for them to ship them to you, they will if you put it on your credit card, that's another $20 domestically (sorry, I have no idea what it costs to send anything overseas, but it wouldn't take much of an effort to find out--and it would still be the cheapest way to get a solid chunk of hELLBLAZER, worth the investment).


It's very last minute, I know. I got the text a few hours ago, but I wasn't at home. Still, he said that if you call them tonight or early tomorrow morning and convey your interest in the issues, he put them on hold until tomorrow night under the name of Jef. Ask whoever answers the phone to find a hold order for Jef that's a stack of about 70 Hellblazer comics and let them know how you would like to get them sent to you.



And I don't know what their policy is, but I'd be willing to bet you could talk them down to nice whole number of $60-65 including tax, if you're a good negotiator.


Half Price Books - Northwest Highway

Dallas, Texas


Store Hours

9 a.m. - 11 p.m. C.S.T.




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