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Green Lantern: Mosaic

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So I read the first issue of Green Lantern Mosaic today after reading Green Lantern #15-17 of when John Stewart was assigned to watch and supervise a planet filled with different planetary races. The GL issues in itself were a good read and seeing John struggle to keep peace and get extremely frustrated was really something. But the first issue of Mosaic, the spin-off was really... wow. Has to be one of the best first issues I've read, imo. In one issue alone you great great sense of the character and a great grasp and how he's different from Hal. The man's a thinker and we see him thinker, his mindset, etc. The art is great too, goes well with the abstract writing and thoughts of the main lead.


Anyone else read this series? What you think? Can't wait to read the rest. Maybe we can start a discussion of the reading if anyone else is interested? Hell, if anyone has these and are willing to part with #14-18, I'd happily take them off your hands. :laugh:

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