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Flash: Rebirth

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Hey all,


I was just wondering if anyone else was following this series.


I've always been a big Flash fan (My dad had a Black and White reprint of the Silver Age Flash's origin, it was the first comic I ever read). I was just wondering what other people thought about it. I'm quite interested to see if Geoff Johns can do for Flash what he did with Green Lantern.


I hear there's both a Flash and a Kid Flash title in the works post this.

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I'm on it too as Johns has been on quite the roll.

Lovely Superhero art too.


However I'm still not sure they should have brought Barry back at all.

His end was fitting and Wally did a great job of assuming the mantle.

Bringing Hal and Ollie back made far more sense.

Hal was essentially screwed over in a sensationalist title shakeup (Although Morrison did great work on Kyle Raynor).

Barry ended on a high.


It's worth noting that Johns already had a reasonably successful Flash run already.

I'm not sure what extra Flash material he has.

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Issue #5. Funny that it's late.


So Professor Zoom is a right bastard.


Wally's new costume rocks. It's a nice mix of his JLU costume, "dark" Flash's costume, and the costume he work arround issue #50 with the darker red and white eyes.


And Iris West is the new Impulse. I love it!


One thing, I thought Wally's daughter was named Iris, not Irey!?!? Was this some horrible mistake in printing. Because they have it nearly all throughout the book. Or is there something I am missing?

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