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Whatever happened to Andy Diggle ?

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It seemed like he was on course to be another big name in comics but, unless I'm mistaken, all he's involved with at the moment is a run on Daredevil, the reception to which has been lukewarm.

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There's no telling where Diggle's career could go from here.

It's early in his Marvel run.

After the Losers movie hits, he might end up a "hot" name.

He's been on Thunderbolts and DD which both got lukewarm responses, true.

But, Brubaker's career followed a similar path.

He went to Marvel, wrote DD, got lukewarm responses...but now he's writing The Marvel Project, which while buried, was meant to be one of Marvel's biggest projects in their anniversary year, and he's getting the writing assignment for one of the new Avengers titles in the big relaunch following Siege. I'd say Marvel considers Brubaker a strong asset now.

Diggle could go in the same direction.


Personally, I just want to see Andy Diggle get to write a Ghost mini-series.

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