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The Dark Knight Rises

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Colorado is closer. But even in the Dallas county where I'm staying with my gf, you can have up to 5 oz and it's just a misdemeanor. That's Texas. I never would have thought that Texas would be more lenient than NY or other eastern states.

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Watched this flick four times already (Twice in the theatre, twice on Blu-Ray) and I'm unchangedly highly satisfied with it- yes, some line deliveries are cringe-worthy (Especially in the opening scene, urgh!), true, it is a tad pretentious at times, the plot twist at the end was rather inane, and, last but not least, Bane does not reach the sheer chaotic (and therefore mesmerizingly charismatic) persona of Ledger's Joker, but I was far more invested in the plot than with its predecessors, and had- oddly- no issues with the pacing, despite its inarguably long run-time.


What stood out for me the most were- for one- the both visual and atmospheric motif of hope (Which rendered the scenery and story all the more interesting to me), the surprisingly solid portrayal of Hathaway as Catwoman, who came across as appropriately elegant and sexy, whilst remaining amusingly devious and intelligent, and of course, Hardy's captivating voice acting as Bane- he wasn't such a complex and odd character as Ledger's Joker, but for me, that was kind of the point and refreshingly different- he's a bad guy who means business and is open about it, yet does not give a shit what you or I think about his mannerisms, all what matters to him is the achieval of his goal; his non-chalance is so casually hammy that he comes off as calm and zealous, which is no small feat to pull off behind a mask and such an "iconic" voice :D


I was actually disappointed that so many seemed to dislike the end of the trilogy, given that, while Ledger's Joker is already legendary (Understandably so!) and TDK had the more natural writing, it actually suffered under more severe pacing issues and a somewhat too realistic (Ergo boring) finance-politic-centric plot that only fell under the table because the Joker's twisted worldview made it so rewarding to watch.


I'd even go as far as to say that this was the best of the three instalments- there's nothing that it did super-duper-excellently, but many little things (Like the off-beat humour) it got absolutely right.


And whilst I certainly enjoyed the shit out of Avengers at the cinema, TDKR is in a whole different league, though I wager it would be sorts of an apples vs oranges-comparison due to the genre differences alone (Batman all the waaaaaay!).

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Watching DK Rises as it makes its HBO debut - I forgot how easily Batman was defeated and the stupid mistakes he made that made the overall situation worse. Batman's humanity? WTF?

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