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There's some interesting/cool Marvel news coming out of C2E2.



Punisher - Greg Rucka & Marco Checchetto


Moon Knight - Bendis & Maleev


Daredevil - Mark Waid & Paolo Rivera/Marcos Martin


Waid on DD sounds great!!! And this gives me hope.

Waid said the challenge of the series is that it's been consistently great. "It's going to stay gritty, and street level, but, with all due respect to the last ten years, it would be nice to finish an issue without feeling like I need a stiff drink," Waid said. There will be a bit more of the "superhero swashbuckler" angle than has been seen recently, Waid said.


While I loved Daredevil in the past 10 years or so, I think they've taken the dark and gritty as far as it can go. It needs to lighten a bit.

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Also, tie-ins to "Fear Itself" we have a new Alpha Flight series by Pak & Van Lente. And a new Ghost Rider series by Rob Williams and Matt Clark.

Apparently, in the new Ghost Rider series, starring Johnny Blaze by the way, there's a cool twist in that he can free himself of the Ghost Rider curse if he can pass it on to a person unknown to him. But who would he give this burden to?!?!




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Yep, seems like some interesting stuff from Marvel.

The Moon Knight series by Bendis was announced last year though.


Mark Waid on DD is the best news that book could get.

Bendis managed to revive the DD concept, but the book has been following in the footsteps of Miller for too long. My favourite DD run was the Anne Nocenti run, which was just different. So, I'd like to see a new twist being used on DD, see if the book can escape the Miller tone without losing what makes the character interesting.

Hopefully there will be no more nervous breakdowns for Matt in the foreseeable future.


I hope Van Lente and Pak bring the fun of Hercules on to their Alpha Flight. If so, that'll be a true winner.

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