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I just fear that Azz's punnery wouldn't translate well to spoken word (kinda like all those internal monologues from the filmed version of Sin City), and that it would be a chore to listen to it on a regular basis - I've been watching The Shadow Line based on JMac's recommendation, and by episode three, even Azzarello-lite dialog that they employ is getting on my nerves.


But yeah, I'd be there, watching every single second of the show. I'm just sorry we never got that 100 bullets video game.

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I came to post this same article. I was scooped!


A series for 100 bullets would be killer, and they could totally rework all the things which didn't work in the comic. If they fixed some things, the TV show could outshine the comic, maybe.

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Please get Edgar Ramirez for Lono.


He's probably not large enough to play Lono.


Anyone ever play the game?


My dream cast:



Agent Philip Graves - John Slattery

Joseph Shepherd - Thomas Jane

Lono (aka "The Dog") - Manu Bennett

Milo Garret (aka "The Bastard") - Patrick Wilson

Cole Burns (aka "The Wolf") - Justin Chatwin

Wylie Times (aka "The Point Man") - Josh Holloway

Victor Ray (aka "The Rain") - Timothy V. Murphy

Jack Daw (aka "The Monster") - Dustin Clare

Remi Rome (aka "The Saint") - Todd Robert Anderson

Isabelle "Dizzy" Cordova (aka "The Girl") - Alice Braga

Louis "Loop" Hughes - Michael K Williams

Curtis Hughes - Clark Peters

Will Slaughter - Scott Klace



Augustus Medici - Iain Glen

Benito Medici - Hunter Parrish

Crete - Brian Turk

Megan Dietrich - Emilia Clarke

Roland Dietrich - Martin Donovan

Javier Vasco - Enrique Castillo

Anwar Madrid - David Diaan

Axel Nagel - Dennis W. Hall

Lars and Anna Nagel - Steve Howey and Allie Grant

Joan D'Arcy - Kristin Ritter

Fulvio Carlito - Dennis Farina

Daniel Peres - Peter Jason

Axel Nagel - Brian Cox



Branch - Danny Devito

Echo Memoria - Erin Cummings

Ronnie Rome - Robert Knepper

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I'm more for


Stephen Lang / Graves

Thomas Jane / The Bastard

David Morse / Victor Ray

Jeffrey Dean Morgan / Lono

Kevin Durand / Jack Daw

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I don't think they've ever released that game...?



Slink - nice call on the Josh Holloway/Wylie Times casting. I'd so watch that.

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Thanks. I mailed it in on Graves. James Coburn would be perfect if he weren't dead. Nick Nolte maybe? Gary Busey?


The more I think about it, Thomas Jane should be Victor Ray.


I thought about James Caan for Shepard, maybe. The Minutemen are hard to cast, but casting the Trust was like farting in the bathtub, easy AND fun.


I'm re-reading 100 bullets while traveling. Just finished 8, the saddest comic story I've read (Marty/Gabriel's unfortunate step).

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