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A. Heathen

The Golden Age of the new 52 DCU

Which of DC's comics will you be picking up henceforward  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Justice League

    • Justice League (Johns, Lee)
    • JLI (Jurgens, Lopresti)
    • Aquadog (Johns, Reis)
    • Wonder Chick (Azzman, Chang)
    • The Flash (Manapul)
    • Captain Tiny (Krull, WII)
    • Green Arrow (Krul, Jurgens, Nocenti incoming)
    • Mister Terrific (Wallace, Gugliotta)
    • Savage HawkDragon (Daniel, Bonny, Tan)
    • Furry Firestorm (Harris, Van Sciver, Cinar)
    • none of these
  2. 2. Superman and the Lanterns of Green

    • Action (Mozzer & Mor)
    • Boy (Lobdell & Silva)
    • Girl (Green, Johnson, Asrar)
    • Man (Perez, Merino)
    • GL A (Boris Johns & Doug Mahnke)
    • GLC (Tomasi, no Pasarin)
    • GL NNNNGGGG! (Bedard, Kirkham)
    • Fred Lanterns (Milligan't, Benes)
    • none of the above
  3. 3. Children's Justice

    • Teeny Titans (Lobdell, Booth)
    • Static Shock (Bernadin, McDaniel)
    • Hawk & Doo (Gates, LIEFELD, Iaskyou! WHY?)
    • Blue Beetle (Bedard, Iguana)
    • L.G.S.O.H (Levitz, Portela)
    • Legion Lost (De Falco, Woods)
    • no kids stuff
  4. 4. Children's Smut (& some others)

    • Stormwatch (Cornell, Sepultura)
    • Grifter (Edmundson, Snafoo)
    • Death's Toke (Higgins, Bennet)
    • Sueisfine Squad (Glass, Rudy)
    • OMAC (Diddy-O, Giffen)
    • Black Ox (Costa, Lottley)
    • Voodoo Booboo, more like (Marz, Basri)
    • Men of War (Brandon, Derrenick)
    • Wild Wild Western (Palmiotti & Gray, Moritat)
    • DCU Presents (Deadman 1-5: Jenkins, Chang; Challengers 6-8: Didio, Ordway)
    • Thanks but no thanks
  5. 5. When they say "Dark" they mean shite, or Vertigo brown.

    • Swamp Thang (Snyder, Packet)
    • Animal Man (Lemire, Foreman)
    • Frankie and his Four Seasons (Lemur, Ponticelli)
    • Resurrection Man (Abnett & Lanning, Dagnino)
    • I, Vampire (Jenkins & Jae Lee, I mean Fialkov & Sorrento)
    • Children's Hellblazer, feat. The Hellblazer & his Magick Ho's & some mad dudes (Milligan't, Janin)
    • Demon Knights (Cornell, Neves)
    • these all leave me in the dark
  6. 6. Batman

    • Batman (Snyder, Capabullo)
    • Bazinga (Winick, Olivier)
    • Batman & Robin (Tomasi, Gleason)
    • Bats in the Attic (Finch, Jenkins, Finch)
    • Bat to the Future (Lobdell, Rocafort)
    • Batchick (Simone, Syaf)
    • Batlady (Wiii, Jesus was Blackman, no Jesus was Batman, no that was Bruce Wayne)
    • Catchick (Winick, March)
    • Bats of Prey (Sweetchinski, Says)
    • Nightwing (Higgins, Barrows)
    • DC's DC comic: DC (Daniel)
    • Bat's all folks!
  7. 7. On a scale of 0 to 52, how successful was this relaunch?

    • 0 - not at all good
    • 2 - not too bad
    • 52 - other

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Isn't it just? Also, many of the guys from Image's early days are now back at Marvel & DC. Then you have some of the guys who made 90s Marvel so bad now running things at DC. No surprise there.


From DC I regularly buy: Unwritten (yes it's Verigo but still), Animal Man, Batman & Batwoman (but they may be dropped soon for $$ reasons), & Green Arrow. Their quality books are very few and far between, or have been cancelled/ended.

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I'll be dropping Swamp Thing and Action Comics when the respective creative teams leave. Maybe picking up Superman Unchained (such a dumb name).


But on another forum someone posted a poll if you prefer Marvel to DC. I found it funny that so many people had a definitive answer. My attitude is: it depends on who is writing what title and when? Right now? Image is my fave. Last year? Might have been Marvel, DC before that. Depends.

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