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John Constantine, HELLBLAZER: The Concordance Hymnal

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Someone else did a playlist for Hellblazer the same time we started this one. What a coincidence..?


Here's there's. It has Coldplay in it, sooo... (it's not as good as ours, definitely not as comprehensive)





created by Alan Moore, Jamie Delano & John Ridgway



1. Way Down in the Hole -Tom Waits

2. Life of The Party -The Weeknd

3. Politik -Coldplay

4. This Mess We’re In -PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke

5. Followed the Waves -Auf Der Maur

6. Until It Sleeps -Metallica

7. Political Scientist -Ryan Adams

8. The Hollow (Constantly Consuming Mix) -A Perfect Circle

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boy, there are a shitload of hellblazer playlists on 8 tracks now. it seems to have totally exploded.


http://8tracks.com/explore/hellblazer 52 total


http://8tracks.com/explore/constantine 15 total


http://8tracks.com/explore/john_constantine 56 total





we started a trend, we did.

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