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The Walking Dead...Video Game

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Five part episodic point'n'click game.


I was going to link to the story trailer but it's far too spoiler heavy - I'm 3/4 of the way through the first part of the game and I'm annoyed I watched the thing.


Eurogamer's review does a good job of summing up the opening chapter..


The thing is, though, I'm not really sure that the weird kind of fanfic brand extension that Telltale's engaged in these days even counts as adventure games anymore. If you take The Walking Dead as (sorry about this) a piece of interactive storytelling, it's actually a lot more successful.


The writing team is pretty good at mimicking the simmering human psychodrama and shocking flare-ups of hyper-violence that characterise both The Walking Dead comic and its TV spin-off. Meanwhile, the Borderlands-influenced biro-and-watercolour art means that Telltale's lumbering tech can just about deliver the stylised expressiveness needed to keep endless scenes of talking heads visually interesting.


Gameplay wise, it really just boils down to rolling your cursor around the screen trying to find clickable pieces of scenery but the various zombie encounters are suitably tense, thanks mainly to the limited time you have to act in these situations. One chapter, in which you have to make your way across a zombie infested Motel car park was worth the price of admission alone, if only for the innovative use of a [ Spoiler : pillow ].

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