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Superman vs the Elite

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When catastrophe strikes, Superman once again rushes into action, but this time he gets some unexpected help from a new squad of super heroes calling themselves The Elite. Comprised of four powerful beings and spearheaded by the brash and calculating, Manchester Black, this new force brings a raw, no-holds-barred mentality to the battle against evil. With swelling public support of The Elite's vicious methods, the stage is set for a showdown that has Superman feeling outnumbered and outdated. With a stellar voice cast headed by George Newbern, Pauley Perrette and Robin Atkin Downes, this epic DC Universe Animated Original adventure explodes with a clash of styles and super powers that begs the question, which will break first -- The Man of Steel or his code?


Hmmm, as I noted in the subhead, the Elite are very much like the "bad" Authority which replaced the good ones in Transfer of Power. They even have an interdimensional 'carrier' shiftship and the threaten dictators with relentless violence. Why couldn't they have used the Authority then, if they were going to use all their devices, plots, themes etc. One character is very close to Swift, one is practically the Doctor (but drinks all the time instead of using heroin), Manchester Black is the male Jenny Sparks from Transfer down to a T. And then there's this big oaf with a combination of powers vaguely similar to Apollo. No Midnighter. For obvious reasons...Batman?


This was much better than JL:Doom. But that's not saying much. JL: New Frontier raised the bar so high, that nearly everything suffers in comparison, but this one could have been as good as Frontier if they'd used the Authority along with all the Authority's dogma. And ultimately, that disappointed the FUCK out of me. If you've never heard of the Authority, you will like this film, probably. Had I been oblivious to the Authority, I'd have thought it a decent enough effort. But since I very much enjoyed the Authority (even its shitty story arcs), I can't leave that alone. It suffers from the conceits without the characters. Again, Superman is drawn way too steroided out and non-realistic. If the goal was to make him appear more "alien," then job well done.

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