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Master Pernath

Hellstorm Prince of Lies

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Yes! I still rank it as easily one of Ellis' best works, if not still his best.

It's been a long time since I read it now though. Like five years, I'd say. It was great.

It's a shame that Marvel didn't collect it, so that more people can read it, especially now that readers know who Warren Ellis is. But, I seem to recall it was canceled before Ellis was able to write an ending, so they might not ever reprint it, as I believe Marvel only wants to reprint comics with an ending.

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Well, it has an ending, but quite a rushed one. It's really a shame, as it seemed like Ellis had some interesting plans for Stephen Loss.


It's probably my favorite Marvel comic book, definitely their most "Verigo-esque" material. Now that I think about it, I got into Hellblazer because of Hellstorm (they mention John in one of the first issues, before Ellis took over).


Jaine Cutter and Daimon also appeared in some of the last issues of Aaron's Ghost Rider.

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Daimon Hellstrom is a major Marvel character (well, kind of "major").

He was introduced in the 1970s. His first appearance was in an early Ghost Rider issue, and then he spun off into his own series as The Son of Satan.

The Steve Gerber issues were grande.

He's been around the Marvel Universe, off and on, ever since.

He has a sister named Satana also, who was introduced in the pages of Vampire Tales, and has made sporadic appearances, mainly in the '70s.

Ellis was going to write a Satana series when Marvel was relaunching its horror properties in the late-1990s actually, but Marvel decided that the book violated its editorial positions at the time and dropped it.


There was a mini-series called Druid (by Ellis) that followed Hellstorm. It tied up a little bit of the loose ends from Hellstorm. It's a pretty rare series now, from what I've found. It's not that great, but might be worth a read if you can find it.

It features an old Marvel occult character known as Dr. Druid, reimagining him if he were actually a druid. There's some wild ideas thrown around. Nothing necessary though, like I said.


Yeah, I really enjoyed what Ellis was doing at Marvel before he even went to Vertigo. I find that to be the height of his career, even though he has had good work after that point.

Excalibur, Doom 2099, Hellstorm.....

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Add me to the list.


Christian's already mentioned Druid but let me echo his recommendation, been so long since I read either that I can't really recall if it served as any kind of epilogue to Hellstorm but I'll never forget its closing line and whenever my thoughts turn that way I grin.

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