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A. Heathen

Some people talking about Hellblazer

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Apologies if someone's posted this in a thread already, but I've just started listening to this...


Panel Borders returns after the Christmas break for a new series in an earlier slot on Sunday evenings. Starting a series of shows about the 25th anniversary of the occult detective John Constantine’s first appearance in his own solo comic book, Alex Fitch talks to writers Jamie Delano, Andy Diggle and Peter Milligan, and artist David Lloyd, about creating issues of Hellblazer from its first issue to the present day. Jamie and David discuss the early days of the comic, launched as a spin off from Alan Moore’s acclaimed run on Swamp Thing while Andy and Peter talk about bringing the character into the 21st Century. Originally broadcast in an edited form on Resonance 104.4 FM (London), 13th January 2013.

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Should've known you'd beat me to it Ade, thanks for merging the threads!


Half way through listening and it's great - Jamie's a loveable old grouch whereas Andy Diggle sounds surprisingly like one of us!


Edit : Milligan sounds like a really sound chap, feeling guilty about not enjoying his run much now!


Edit Edit : Andy pointing out that we got a bit precious about Murphy's jacket for Constantine - probably a fair cop on that one but those zippers were bloody daft!


Edit Edit Edit : I really want to read Milligan's binned Astra story.

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The whole exchange about what John drinks is straight out of here, I'd like to know why Jamie's so against him having gone through a Guinness phase.


It's clear from the bit on the upcoming Constantine that the decision to kill Hellblazer came pretty late in the day, some of it may have come from an understandable desire to keep that particular writing job but Milligan was still spot on when saying that the readership of Hellblazer are smart enough to deal with two different iterations of the character.


It's annoying that we won't get a 30th...35th...40th...Hellblazer anniversary now as it means there's less chance of grumy Delano being dragged out to talk about his legacy even though it was just some job he did back in the day!

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Radio Free Echo Rift is your the twice weekly Pirate Pop Culture Podcast brought to you from Deep Beneath the City of Philadelphia! We have thirty minutes to record each episode here in the confines of the Waiting Room - the only place our evil overlords, the Researchers, can’t monitor our activities. If we were ever caught, we’d be atomized for sure!


Download Episode 69: Hellblazer


00:30 - Intro

01:22 - Sister Rita Josepha Does Not Approve of Hellblazer

07:02 - Hellblazer (1988) Issue 1-2 by Jamie Delano, John Ridgway, Lovern Kindzierski

09:40 - Old color style, crosshatching

10:37 - Setup - Starving/Eating to Death

13:07 - Constantine’s Trip to Tangiers

14:44 - Very ghastly story

17:04 - Papa Midnight Freaks Us Out

19:24 - Not a Superhero Comic, not even a Super Anti-Hero Comic

20:30 - Taking out the Demon Mnemoth, John makes a hard decision

22:58 - Hellblazer (1988) Issue 4 ”Waiting for the Man”

24:30 - Very dark comic, seems to have boundaries

25:29 - John Constantine can get his butt-kicked

26:34 - What IS that


27:30 - English 80’s Underworld - Movie that Should have Been

29:08 - Outro

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