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Demon Chas08

Revisitations 9: Peter Milligan's finale (2009-2013)

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Demon Chas08    295

Gemma was not always a strong character, but had been left there by her experiences in Mike Carey's run and her friendship with Angie.

However, her demise started with Denise Mina (unless we want to be kind and explain Gemma's behaviour as side effect of the so-called Empathy Virus).

Milligan had her raped by her uncle's demon doppelganger.

She was like the opposite of his Mary Sue.


Epiphany was Shelly Bond's Mary Sue. Way to win over your editor, writer.


Christian's perspective on that #300 is incontrovertible.


As in her crying over Chris Cole's corpse or everything from chs 2-5 with her suddenly flirting with the dolt? With the former, I chalked up to her finally letting it all out the tears over losing her mom.


Yes, Epiphany was Bond's Sue. Even to this day, I'm very disheartened by how she let Milligan fuck shit up on her watch (with or without he four headed Kraken plotting to kill off the book to usher in the bland New 52 impostor)

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Well, sorry for the bump but I figure I wouldn't be making it a new thread when there's one about Milligan already available.


I'm gonna be honest here: I really, really liked Milligan's run. It was the best since Carey's. And I totally dug John settling down just a bit but still getting shit blown up in his face. Really feel like the last half of the final issue was just added by editorial mandate to make it into an "ending".

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Gwilym    330



which couALL OF THEM


Nah it's refreshing to see someone enjoy it. You are of course wrong, though. You didn't like it. This is all some manner of bizarre fever dream, and soon you'll wake up and discover you never even read it.




(Though this thread reminds me I need to read Suicide Bridge.)

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dogpoet    497

Maybe it reads better if you go through it in a run, rather than buying an issue then sitting around brooding at kicking the cat for a month while you wait for the next one? :tongue:

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