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A. Heathen

So, what now?

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It looks like Phantom Stranger is in the reflection of the puddle...


“what if John Constantine was a [over-used word]?”

We already had the Brian Azzarello and Peter Milligan runs.


I'm not sure about the story. I'm sure it'll be a good story, but as far as being a Hellblazer replacement, I always liked John because of him being the working class mage. Turning him into a celebrity figure turns me off.


I agree. For me one of the things I liked about Hellblazer was the social commentary and how John was always a leftist by nature.


Regarding a replacement for HB, I guess the closest we'll get is the Sandman Slim novels by Richard Kadrey.

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I've seen those on sale a few times; so you think they're a safe bet for a Hellblazerer? I'd hoped (or assumed) Mike Carey's Felix Castor novels would make a decent stand-in, but they didn't really. They're bloody brilliant but they're definitely their own thing, despite outward appearances

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I didn't mind Felix Castor as a stand-in for Hellblazer. No, it's not a rip-off of Hellblazer, but I doubt anything is going to have the exact same feel as our Hellblazer. Felix Castor was very close.

There's also the novel Falling Angel. That reads like the HB movie we should have gotten.

And, if you like the tone and political content of the Jamie Delano years (like me!), some of Ramsey Campbell's short fiction from the 1980s is the closest I've ever come to Delano's HB, although they're missing a character like John Constantine.

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