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A. Heathen

It's that time of the year !!!

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That's right, the time when pedants say things like "I'd rather wait until the year is over" and "How do we know something better isn't going to come along before January 1st?"


(Trust us, we know.)


So, what are your highlights of the 12 month period leading up to 8th December 2013?


Also, post links to this sort of thing to jog our memories, or in my case inform me that Carla Speed MacNeill drew someone a comic.




I had three of these, and agree they have been great (Hawkeye, Mind MGMT and Locke and Key)

and have purchased Bad Houses yesterday.


I just don't enjoy Saga that much, but can see the appeal.

It sure looks lovely.


Any nominations for any categories of comic / graphic novel /web comic?

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All amazing books, possibly best of 2013:





Astro City

East of West





I want to include Pretty Deadly and Velvet but they've only two issues so far, so that doesn't seem fair.


Unwritten could've been a contender but....Fables happened. That's sad.

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Oh, I should make sime suggestions.


Some graphic novels that I have enjoyed


Red Handed



that Hellboy one.


The Man Who Laughed


Some of these:



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Unwritten: The Ship That Sank Twice!!


Sailor Twain needs to be lists


Also, highly seconded for Red Handed.

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I didn't get around so many this year, but damn, I wonder if really truly, in all the piles of books you guys read, and even all the piles that none of us got around to, there was one as good as "The Ship that Sank Twice".


Story, Art, Colouring, Cover.


It was uplifting and noble and exciting and oh so well written. An instant classic, and deserving of inclusion on the Bookshelf for British Girls and Boys, along side Once and Future King and Tales of Robin and his Merry Men and all the rest.

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I've been enjoying Jason Aaron on Thor.

Not as good as the Walt Simonson Thor from the 1980s, of course.


This. Thor and Saga are the two books I look forward to every month.

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Donald Duck: The Old Castle's Secret

Donald Duck: Christmas on Bear Mountain


Two of those are reprint collections of material from the 1940s. Comics weren't rocking my world this year.

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My list of great comics I've read over the past year:


Saga - a delight. dirty and fun and with unique characters and wonderful art. everything that drew me to comics as an adult reader exists in this book.

Trillium - still can't believe this is the same guy who wrote JLD and Constanteen , but hey. He should stick to his own stories and let established titles fuck off without him.

Unwritten - in spite of Fables.

Fables - "Cubs in Toyland" - actually killed off one of Snow White's and Bigby's cubs while permanently damaging another in one of its most beautifully written arcs about an island of misfit toys gone depressed and homicidal, luring children to their demise. a frightening tale for a child should one read it on accident.

Revivals - got lost for a bit on minutae side stories but seems to have found its stride once again.

East of West - Hickman finds his storytelling stride when he's not limited to short runs. This story is unfolding nicely.

Manhattan Projects - not as good as EW but a worthy title.

Nowhere Men - bizarre and wonderful, if somewhat preachy and above it all.

The Massive - started off strong and had its best run in 2013 though its hard to tell where it's headed now.

Fatale - i read it in its traded form because I think its story is better paced when you don't have to wait a month between chapters.

Astro City - hooked me on issue #4 which is one of the greatest single issue of a comic I've ever read, right up there with Transmet: Another Cold Morning,The Invisibles nest to last issue, Ex Machina's final issue, Fables: The Last Castle, Walking Dead #48,

Walking Dead - the zombie story that really isn't about zombies at all. in the midst of "All out War" and I can't wait for each new issue.

Kick Ass 3 - Hit Girl rules in prison while Dave gives up being Kick Ass for lots and lots of dirty sex.

Bedlam - continues to get weirder and weirder.

Star Wars Dark Times - continues to be the one original SW comic in which main characters die, no common SW phrases are utterd (no "I gotta bad feeling" etc) and no one gets lo live happily ever after in the new Galactic Empire shortly after Order 66.

Hellboy - far from great but still an enjoyable read from time to time.

Great Pacific - cool environmental, anti-corporate story.

Black Science - first 2 issues have been very good. I expect to keep reading it through out 2014.

Jupiter's Legacy - the only bad thing about this title is the wait between issues. otherwise it's better than I thought it would be.



Look promising but the vote's still out on these:


Drumhellar - first issue, awesome. second issue, huh?

Hinterkind - a strong idea for a story but being played out by weak characters, cliche villains and other plotholes that will surely sink it. could have, should have been better.

Hoax Hunters - interesting first story arc but relies alot on flashbacks and cliche govt black ops conspiracy bullshit that all conspiracy stories use. I guess that's the point, and it is an interesting book, but just with many flaws.

Rocket Girl - i love her character but there isn't much of anything else realistic about it, especially the dialogue.

Sex Criminals - two people can stop time while they have incredible orgasms. sounds like shit, but it's a very well told story with a wonderful narrator/protag.

Shaolin Cowboy - I thought it would be greatness but it has literally been 3 straight issues of him slicing up zombies with a pole with a chainsaw on each end. No dialogue, no story, nothing like it was when the dude self published it.

The Star Wars - there's a reason this story got scrapped for the one we saw in eps. 4-6.

God is Dead - not sure what I like or dislike about it, but I just feel it could become great. it has all the potential to be great.

Pretty Deadly - i like it but i don't love it.

Suicide Risk - ditto.

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I finally got around to reading the first arc of Lazarus, by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark. If I'd read it when it was first published, it would've gone on my 2013 list fo' sure. Recommended to all and sundry.

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