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There Once Was a Title Called Hellblazer

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Comic Shop News reports that a new Hellblazer TPB will be released in February.

It will be called Hellblazer:Shoot.

It looks like it is collecting the stand-alone issues of HB that have never been collected.

I bought the series in individual issues, so I'm not sure of what's been collected and what's left.

This volumn contains Hellblazer #144, 145, 245, 246, 250, and "Shoot" (the Ellis story).

I thought there would be Forum members who'd want to know this.


I know this brings back painful memories for some of you guys, to see a reference to "Hellblazer".

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Checking online, 144-145 is Ashes and Honey. That-s worth getting, plus 250.

But, yeah, a pretty skimpy collection. I'm sure they figure only completists are bothering with HB at this point, what with the new shiny Constantine...where it's cross-overs forever.

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