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yeah sure bruh


they're a little di44erent 4rom what I usually end up recording cause I change lines in the studoi


East Coast Blues

Yeah, aint you feelin the cold ?

An Feel th wind fly through ya coat to the bone

ya wait fa the bus

n boston ia heartless they wont show ya love

they dont give a fuck

they dont give you enouhg

an ey won't let you be

might get it fa cheap, and that's different from free

she won't stick around

spendin the night, but she don't hold ya down, fam she ain that type

yeah I need a change, and lord I dont know how

sleeping til five, choppim lines time i blow clouds

like i'm stuck in the sound

50,000 sou l san, i'm stuck in the crowd

an p eople move away

change up they whole style, maybe change they face

memories can fade

all these glass buildings, lose ya sense of place, throw it away

chase a wave roll a fat spliff

played ha part well, actress

didn't mean much, practice

just a small flame, matches

angel from the coast

used to sharp threads but he looking a ghost

nickles on the dime yeah

look at how they shine



out in allston walk by my old place

scarf ten an shippin fees and vans that look stone gray

knock on the door like the dope mann,

give ha the horse and i'm dippin, trojan

like oh damn, , no pork go ham

no fork go yam, new york? no fam

this my chicago flow, and marijuana smoke

like that bateau ivre, that's that drunken boat

like I burned out

I was a genius , turned out

all out

my birds fly south

yeah, step in the light

boston born and raised but, I aint with that life

everything flosston, did it black and white

wait til the night



Rider Music


orbit up in space like a satellite tonight

asteroids stars and rocks

20 years of stones in my pockets like i got white

talkin on the phone is hot

ice and molly

no trains dog i been runnin trolleys

think she on that x, the world such a mess

i been making moves like chess

pawn takes bishop, knight takes queen

see you at the parties or see you in my dreams

styrofoam cup, that's the way i lean

weight of my sins on the triple beam

do you want to ride with me off the planet girl

never go back no roads no maps

all we leave behind is the petty shit

all we leave behind is the trap



took her out to space i'm trippin

fuck them other guys i'm different

remember i was broke and fiending for a smoke

at the bus stop counting up my wishes

racks up i been getting bands now

sugarheads messing up my plans now

but i wrote all the hooks in got the perfect look

and still they be looking for a handout

i think they must be mad that they started at the bottom

catchin feeling not my problem

blowing up my phone stalking round my home

god gave me the fire, the devil take your bones

i'm done with all these liars, they will never blow

train tracks on they arms, all you need to know

i hope they quit the hard stuff but i know they won't

i'ma ride out and smoke up a zone






through the looking glass,

my name in the book of life on the grind in the fight

romans and kitim

the wicked against the sons of light

guns at the fistfight and the visions i live by

westerners with false idols talkin bout the so called bible

and they dont speak ivrit they false messiah speech is hollow

you seen the motto, flosston take no loss no coffin just a cough

, coppin clarks without a job

the dope boys losing profits cause they sniffing up the product and

told ya moms you stoppin it, needle stocked in the pocket and

they don't learn til they burned

they don't learn til they burned

through the looking glass

hallelujah free at last may 48 the british crashed,

they couldn't 'last kept our land

egyptian armies driven back by refugees from cyprus camps

and mizrachim from marrakesh

through the looking glass

i been catching glimpses of all the lives i coulda had

harvard on the scholarship upper class, goldman sachs

or somewhere near jerusalem, akko in the sand

if i died in the basement, overdose, out of time

flip through through pages pick a replacement what's his name can't live my life

there's a better life i know what i'm missing

wish i could go back in time, that's only science fiction


that's how i'm on it the 4ame i don't want it

broke right now yet i been a prophet

that's real cause li4e so hard

didn't sell out to the devil cause i sold out to g-d


what's the scanner see government is watching me

think that i'm a suspect they see what they want to see

i know about the fifth amendement i don't have to talk much

she took it off for me, sheba next to solomon

scooby do, in and out the hallways

soul judean, boston is the wrong place

always got a plan got the dice that's in my hand

even if it it go to crap i'm just glad i had a chance

even if i had no chance i'm not mad i'm not mad

better luck next time, better next time better place than alcatraz

i don't care bout anything I don't care bout anything

people want so much from me and i don't owe them anything

whats the scanner see, only what it want to see

gottta work a second job that's the new economy

the 1 percent the hunger dogs apokolips the dark side

I can feel the struggle, that's a hard life, not mine

what's the scanner see, the surface

heard if i can't pay the bills i'm worthless

used to write their hooks n all, punchlines, verses

only serve the lord above, i'm not in your service

what's a try hard against god

i don't say your name i'd be putting you on

wha's a try hard against god

i'm a prophet, coming back from babylon

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something new, album's almost done

ried to catch a glimpse,

past the cloud,

saw wheels on fire,

angel eyes

saw the ships come in,

the soldiers too,

and the st george cross

planted on the moon

and they shaved her head

and tore her clothes

, and after that

she never spoke

and they made her bow

kneel to rome

killed the men, the rest they sold,

salt the ground, burn our bones

out the walls

with carts of gold,

no this land is not my home,

i know this land is not my home

gotta write it down,

i might forget,

wake up dazed,

back in my bed

think im free

and im one of thmem

i might forget

its just pretend

you beat me down

unto the ground

how the fuck

ima be your friend

you live off borrowed time

dont look to mine

for time to lend

your empires two thousand years,

bloood and tear

s and still will end

always bet on the hand of gd

when he raise us up against wicked men

an my cousin died

, fifteen young

but he gave his life to

drive you out

an if i go

at least i know

my lifes about the perfect sound

and god will judge,

i hope forgive,

when he sees my heart

my own crimes

the sons of light in dark times,

with frozen eyes for hard times

you call yourself a man of peace

behind the mask a man of lies

you call yourself the son of slaves

but we all know thats not your life

you tell the crowd you brought them bread

we all know you dont shareyour wine

in the public eye youre a family man

but we all know thats not your wife

an the day we hand the keys to you

the day we worship jesus christ

and i have faith we'll outlast you too, fought the west and i'm alive

life is short,

life of crime,

woke up in a ditch,

tried to climb

all i know is fives and dime,

nine to fives, g

rind to grind

an ariel

sharon is gone,

gone a long time,

gone fa good

when the rockets reach your house

you hit them back, course I would

no human shield

, shoot to kill,

and you would too,

thats too real

an ni I aint a martyr for em

or broken on a wheel

im a puppet on a string,

but its all good,

i see the strings

an if her stock yehudit

the only way she see a ring

treatin people cynical,

no sinner tho,

a prophet hahh

people over profits haaa,

but some men live above the law

think that they could run from gd

, justice blind and judge us all

every soul, great and small

, tzaddikim ans sons of dogs

rich and poor, real and fraud,

all men hear the siren call

specially when whites involved, or alcohol

yeah, the flag is still, the wind is calm

the heart of man is restless, cause he knows hes alone

crusaders bearimg weapons, the bloody star and crescent

an me im on that medicine, that indica, that smoke

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you fantasy nerds will probably like this






they move out the slum n all

an immigrants change

hold on to your culture

dont change your name

but station to station

every place in the nations

where my people been chased

keep the taste of the pavement

and i'm just tryna smoke a bit bag a chick and stroke

yeah i know the flood approach but we can get a boat

thick thighs, full lips, i could be your man

i been on that greyhound , bolt bus peter pan

i been off the planet girl you dont undertand

i know there's somewhere else where we can work the land

i been off the planet girl i seen past the veil

this is just a bluescreen, it aint even real


king for a day an all

with a crown of ivy thorns

and my throne and my stones

and a year and then i'm gone

king for a day or two

with a couple subjects who pay tribute

with my house and my moat

and a thousand treasures worth more than gold


they thrown a parade that day I wasn't in the crowd

i didn't feel what they felt, under the golden bough

lights of a ufo crimson against the cloud

i see them shining still, shining like chinatown


you'd be king for the day man, look good in ya ivy crown

reign when the wheat grows, and maybe beyond the fall

but somebody pay the price and somebody weigh the dice

justice is blind just a line in the book of life

all the judges crooked

justice is so hard to find

they changed it a;ll like brooklyn

rich get, riches, we get, scraps

I know the systems riggged and I dont chase the cash

i don't even want that

amalek live in in a fancy crib, burn it up like a loud pack

they dont een know me

i'm about to jump off and they been gettin cold feet, i been getting no sleep


king for a day or so

if the harvest good they'll leave alone

if it's plenty we'll feast in full

if it's bad it's my time to go

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