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Recommend a comic from Comixology

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Batman Black and White

Morrison' Animal Man

Heard good things about FF

Jason Aaron's Thor

Heard good things about Fraction's Hawkeye.

Killing Joke if you have not already

Bermejo's Joker is sort of neat

All Star Superman if you haven't already

Kingdom Come

Morrison's Batman and Robin and Batman Inc.

Lemire's Animal Man

Superman Annual "For the Man Who Has Everything..."

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Lou makes good suggestions. I especially second: Saga & Thor. Hawkeye is brilliant!

Fatale for some horror


Prophet for some sci-fi


Umbral for some dark fantasy


Shadowman might be worth checking out now that Milligan has taken over. Lots of spooky, voodoo stuff.


Astro City has been on fire since it came back under Vertigo. Yeah, it's superheroes but it's different and fresh, yet old and comfy.


East of West is Hickman being Hickman. It's a post-apocalyptic western. The Four Horsemen are loose on the Earth. Death is on a quest for his daughter. There's plenty of social commentary.

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Let's see....I don't see anypne mentioning Green Lantern & Green Arrow by Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams.

It's a classic recommended for historical reasons, if you haven't already read it.

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