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  1. Red


    Currently my favorite show. The aesthetics are great, and it's really trippy in a good, Twin Peaks kind of way. There's a parallell to Logan in this one, in the way they deal with how mental illness affects really powerful telepaths.
  2. I really liked this one. Jackman got a LOT more to play with than in the previous films, and he delivered on all fronts. The interplay between him and Stewart's Professor X was heart-rending. I also liked the way they played with the idea of what happens when the most powerful telepath in the world gets dementia.
  3. Aha, so the Defenders will be players in that whole war thing Stick's been going on about. I have faith.
  4. Red

    SDCC 2016

    Are you going?
  5. That is a class letter, that is.
  6. One would think that putting an insane criminal genius in your group might seem like a bad idea.
  7. Red

    Lucifer returns

    They're...OK, I'd say. Not even close to being on Carey's level, but not aggressively bad either. Things I'm liking: -Most of Lucifer's dialogue. They're pretty good at doing his voice. -The subplot with Mazikeen. Things I'm not liking: -Killing god.With a sword! WTF? -The "son of Lucifer"-subplot (so far, maybe it picks up). -Just removing Elaine from everything, and consequently more or less invalidating her storyarc.
  8. He also revealed that Hydra has apparently pulled the most convoluted, illogical long con in history, purposefully allowing Cap to beat them over decades, in order for Cap to be accepted as double agent. That's dedication!
  9. I assume the entire episode is him being repeatedly kicked in the oeuvre Entertainingly enough, he That's an almost perfect metaphor for the series.
  10. I just saw the season finale. I really regret putting myself through this. One fun detail, though: A bit character in one episode is called Mike Carey :D
  11. Red

    Lucifer returns

    I'm gonna get on that!
  12. Red

    Lucifer returns

    Ade is a prince among men! I just got a package in the post containing both the three first Lucifer-issues, and a weird, surreal collage version of the Nu Constantine (which was awesome). Thanks a bunch, and let me know if I can ever do you a solid in return!
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