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  1. Nice art and a moderately interesting premise but I think Milligan has a much better handle on Constantine's "voice".
  2. I don't euphemise. I'm a married man.
  3. Whilst I often find Abhi's intellectual snobbery amusing I have to admit that One Tree Hill is probably the worst televison programme I have accidentally sat in front of for ten minutes on a Sunday morning. The blonde one had some cool stickers on her locker, though. That will be all.
  4. Ok Christian, what I should have said was; "That's reading too much into the information." The text might well say Shade The Changing Man but it's far from a huge leap of logic to suggest that Thompson got the wrong end of the stick about a project that is still very much in the discussion stages. As a Vertigo alum and someone who hasn't done a great deal of superhero work, it's possible that when told that she'd be working on a Shade book she might assume that it was STCM as opposed to a fairly obscure Golden Age villain.
  5. That's over-reading the information. Robinson is already heavily associated with the golden age villain "The Shade". I'd say that it looks more like Jill Thompson got the wrong end of the stick.
  6. Bill and Ted 3 could potentially be utterly incredible. The comedic possiblities of two men in their forties behaving in that way coupled with the scewed sci-fi of the first two films are huge.
  7. Hiya Frank. Hope you're doing good.
  8. I don't want to be "that" guy but I think in an attempt to play down the embittered geek aspect some of us are throwing the baby out with the bath-water. Englishness is a pre-requiste. It. Just. Fucking. Is. That will be all.
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