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  1. When tomorrow comes... https://www.cbr.com/constantine-matt-ryan-joker-inspired-hellblazer-film/amp/
  2. Is there a guide to where all these episodes fit together?
  3. I am enjoying all the Joe Hill horror books, which are horror, and the latest one I started, Plunge, just surprised me with its opening issue. Nice to have spooky ghosts and scifi on the scene.
  4. I thought Evil Old Constantine was meant to be the one from the end of Hellblazer. The message I got from the Book of Magics that led into this was that Evil Old Gemma shot him up with a dose of Happy. Back on this book, most of the above. It was fun. It also felt like Lesson 101 in how to make a hipster version of Hellblazer without making Constantine a dick. Cool youth "Chas", benign laughable "Nick Neckbeard", same old Constantine. An excellent step in a cohesive run of shorter stories.
  5. Hellbasket Headblazer I might give that Milligan a look.
  6. Locke and Key I think I stopped buying the comic after the first year, but always thought I might read the trades. The TV series is on a par with Sabrina but less teen - despite having three kids fronting the show. Hill House for young adults and older folk who like a yarn. October Faction Maybe bought 4 issues of this maybe more. I know it was a casualty of me canceling all my monthly standing orders. First episode looks more horror-focused and spooky. Potential for the vampire/demon things to get interesting. XFiles lite?
  7. 5 years Archie meets Tge B52s Red Mother Low low woods Family Tree Bang!
  8. In a way, you are still suffering along with us. True story: my nemesis is called Nick.
  9. I think I saw that last week. For me it's M.Carey C.Doran
  10. I prefer the option of checking stuff out these days but a friend does the comic shop so I might start a list with him
  11. After the recent "No Hellblazer" debacle, today I found only one of these 4 comics in Forbidden Planet. I think the UK market might be in trouble.
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