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  1. 30 minutes ago, Christian said:


    Me? I have never actually read the Walking Dead. Not my thing.

    At least you don't diss the weekly comics every week  by saying Walking Dead is all you read.

    Even football fans are less like male bunny boilers when someone leaves their club than jilted comics fans.


  2. #193 Sold the fuck out everywhere.


    Diamond Dave Glaze  17 hours ago

    Let it die. The book has been trash for years. I haven't read it in almost 2 years. I sold my entire collection going back to issue 1 in 2016 or 2017, I can't remember.

    Screw Robert Kirkman and his continued production of literal garbage.

    This used to be my FAVOURITE book, literally, no joke. I used to sing Kirman's praises everywhere. Invincible ended, and I was like, "okay, we still have TWD." Then the book turned into a holding pattern of the most shit boring stories you could find. And don't get me started on the God awful show that should have been cancelled BEFORE they "killed " Rick.

    My decision to quit the comic was way more justified last month when I heard they killed Rick. And now, this great news. It's time we realize that Robert Kirkman is a hack of a writer that piggybacked his temporary success to get into TV and film where he could settle into being a lazy piece of trash that is just in the business to create more IPs that he can pawn off and continue getting a paycheck for the rest of his life.

    I feel stupid for investing so much time and money in him over the years. I hope he fizzles out and into obscurity like he deserves...but I'm sure Marvel or DC will reign him in to do something.

    I encourage all of you to completely boycott any new book he puts out now that the TWD has been mercy killed. He doesn't deserve our time to read any crap he shills from this point on.


  3. I quite like the way Cyborg has been used. This series has built on the stories very well. I just watched Danny The Street which is an ace episode in so many ways.

    Then on the plane I started watching the Beard Hunter episode but noticed the guy sat behind me had a fine facial growth so thought I'd better not.

  4. On 11/25/2018 at 12:37 PM, dogpoet said:

    Gibraltar isn't part of the UK either, in fact, which is why it isn't part of the EU. It's a colony of some sort. I think that's a big part of the problem that they're not addressing, isn't it?

    Interesting to note they were massively pro-EU.

    In obvious news, The Fargists won the popular vote, by virtue of being the only up front Brexit-themed manifesto-free gang.
    The popular vote was actually "won" by Remain - significantly so if you make the unlikely assumption that around 40% of the people who still voted Tory and 65% of those who voted Labour were Remainers (opinions may have changed since this You Gov poll)

    I hope that the people who abandoned the failed compromise of the parties formerly known as Tory and Labour now stay away from them at the next election. I doubt they will.
    But we need that overhaul of elections that the Lib Dems failed to deliver in coalition. 

  5. I have this now.
    It is beautiful, and my special donator's gift was two sketches of John Constantine meeting Cliff Steele
    ie Monkey versus Robot🙂

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  6. Sorry to hear that Christian -particularly the off hand way you got dealt with.


    We ran a campaign for a while about how people with mental health issues are spoken to by physical health professionals. 

    Hope you get the correct support now.

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