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  1. "Caught in the middle of the war between Angels and Demons, John Constantine must find a way to stop Demons from possessing the bodies of innocent people and becoming half-breeds"--IMDB Isn't this really similar to the plot of the first one?
  2. This is the most recent info I could find on the subject, which luckily isn't as assuring as the previous links. http://www.firstshowing.net/2007/12/01/dir...-constantine-2/
  3. I think it was Andy Diggle who said he would have Clive Owen play John. I know there's not a crazy amount of resemblance, but he's a sharp lookin' guy, a great actor, great at playing that EXACT sort of character, and best of all British. I saw the movie before reading the comics (though the movie didn't inspire me to pick them up, I found a All His Engines for dirt cheap and it looked good) and I really liked the movie. Then I read the comics and I felt like the movie was trying to make an orange look like an apple. In this case, the movie, by any other name would have been better rec
  4. Sounds like a stage name to me! But yeah, it's a possibility. I think this is our opportunity to find out if John is bi or not
  5. On one hand, it's all to much to be a coincidence, on the other hand, this guy doesn't look like the type to know what Hellblazer is, in spite of the Keanu movie. I wonder if he knows, and if he doesn't if one of us should let him in on the secret...
  6. I suppose he's been in good movies I hadn't thought of. Scanner Darkly was great, and Speed was decent. He's still just a crappy actor.
  7. There are more recent articles I found via a search on Google, which doesn't mean it's confirmed, but it also makes the movie a bit more real. IMDB has categorized it as "In Production", but it's slated for this year or next which makes me think if it was greenlit we'd know for sure, although the people in the article were REALLY confident about it in spite of it being a year and a half ago. If they picked a story arc out of the comics and stuck as close to it as possible that'd have some potential. Dracula sucked. I'd rather see Lee and Peter Cushing in those roles again (which were g
  8. Well if the movie had not been associated with the comic it might have been at least decent. also, i found this on rotten tomatoes http://www.rottentomatoes.com/news/1647843/ If it's not in America or Britain then I wonder where he'll end up? Hopefully not anywhere too weird...
  9. This might have been posted before, but if it has I hadn't noticed. A simple Google search showed this: http://www.firstshowing.net/2006/11/18/con...ed-coming-soon/ Doesn't look like we should be looking forward to it considering it's the same dolts doing it all over again. Let's just hope he's picked smoking up again, otherwise they might as well just name it Bill and Ted 3
  10. To be honest I just heard a rumor once...
  11. Well, Keunu Reeves is bisexual and he played John Constantine in the movie so John Constantine must be bisexual! This also means John probably knows Kung Fu, likes Iron Maiden, time travels on occasion...ok maybe not. I do have to say the Devil's Advocate wasn't so far off the Hellblazer feel.
  12. It's certainly obvious that he was just using Manor; however, to participate in such activities in the way John did, at least takes more tolerance than your average straight guy has. On top of that it's been mentioned that he's had "boyfriends", but throughout all of Hellblazer he has only ever had girlfriends (to my knowledge). If he is indeed bisexual, he certainly has a greater affinity for women considering it's not only who he makes moves on but has incredibly erotic sex with. If quotes from the comics are any indication, I'd certainly say he's bisexual; however, that was long ago
  13. Manco is definitely my favorite Hellblazer artist, particularly his work with Diggle. Does anyone know what The Messenger is?
  14. he's had to have run out of that special chalk by now. also, he could probably use a pack of condoms so that business with rosacarnsis doesn't happen again.
  15. Thanks, that takes care of it all. Now, I've noticed in some of the cover artwork (as particularly shown in the Bloodlines and The Devil You Know TPB cover) John is holding some sort of arrow or stick and has blood all over himself. Whats' the story because I don't recall seeing anything about this in the comics. Thanks.
  16. I read the Red Right Hand and didn't pick up on it, but I do understand there's a good chance it was incontinuity? What was the explanation? Also, thanks for the help thus far.
  17. Well it looks like the Master of the 3rd world shows up at Constantine's death but the 3 show up. Maybe I just don't really get the whole Empath is the Enemy story. I suppose I can read it again, but I'm not sure it would help, plus considering it sucked it might be a waste of time. I would like to know the general story though, specially concerning the three. In Staring at the Wall there's a big dog that's going to kill everyone? Swamp thing goes to help and can't, so then a few of JC's buddies mediate on Scooby Do and it's problem solved?
  18. So, I have some questions. I’ve read every issue that’s been collected in the TPB, meaning I haven’t read any of the Jenkins run, am missing some Delano, and then some issues here and there. I don’t mind spoilers on anything pre-Andy Diggle, but I would rather Diggle’s stuff not be spoiled if you can help it. I also read all 52 pages of this post in some obsessive attempt to gain more HB knowledge and to make sure my questions weren’t already answered. So, in spite of this being an absurdly long list of questions, I did my research and reading. So, here it goes: 1) In which issue did
  19. Well, I myself have just acquired all of the TPB (I had about half of them and then for xmas managed to get my hands on the other half). Unfortunately this means I haven't read squat from Jenkins run, am missing some Delano, and other stuff here and there. I think I'm torn between Ennis and Carey as my favorites. I though Ennis was incredibly witty, funny, had great characterizations, and some of my favorite stories, but the artwork was weak and Rake at the Gates of Hell was a little bit uncreative to me. On other hand, Carey's run had some great artwork, some of the most intense story
  20. I saw the movie long before picking up the comic (in fact, I didn't even know he was blond and British when I saw the movie) so I liked the movie, but then I started reading the comics and was like "Well, I can appreciate the movie, it's just different." Then I read Dangerous Habits and was like "Who would want to fuck that up?" I don't mind them going with a different story (as people already knew who this guy was in the comics, but in the movie you have to introduce the characters somehow), but why make Chas the comedy relief? Wasn't there enough comedy in Constantine to make up for it?
  21. I wasn't very excited until I saw some of the artwork. In some ways I'm a little skeptical because I personally like Constantine best when he's being somewhat non-political; however, he is very political in the Delano stuff, so I suppose it should be no surprise to me. I have not read all of Delano's run (although if it's in TPB I have read it), but if it had been my first impression of Hellblazer I probably wouldn't have continued to read. Between Ennis and Carey I became obsessed. The artwork looks phenomenal. Personally I prefer Jock's style for specials and stuff more than the mon
  22. He did a little swimming in the novel WarLord, but I suppose that's not cannon.
  23. cowardm

    Top 5 TPBs

    Apparently I'm really missing out on Haunted. Might need to order that next, probably along with The Devil You Know.
  24. cowardm

    Top 5 TPBs

    So, this is where you post your top 5 Hellblazer Trade-Paperbacks. No right or wrong here. There may have been a post similar to this before, I didn't search, but not only does it provide a place for you to express and discuss your opinion, but a place where I can figure out which TPB I should go about getting next. Unfortunately I only own/have read 9 TPB, so I think it's fair that I list 3. Of course if you've only read nine and feel you've read the top five then feel free to list them. Here's mine: 1. Dangerous Habits 2. All His Engines 3. Red Sepulchre
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