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  1. I didn’t really get into The Good Place (that’s the Ted Danson thing, yeah?) i find as i I age I watch less and less tv.
  2. I’ve just started watching this (up to episode 4). Really enjoying it. Loved Chris Meloni since Oz but he’s FANTASTIC here.
  3. Batman talks about the brothers gin, so I guess they're all drunk.
  4. Pooka

    Steve Dillon

    That's a hell of a shock. (Nice to see you anyway, Sean. )
  5. No, that is very helpful Jason- thank you.
  6. No worries. I'll put it on the list for when finances are a bit healthier.
  7. I don't want Killing Time I've already got it in the old comics, I've never read any of the others and I wondered if they were worth getting. I saw there was the (in) complete on Amazon but I don't even know where to start.
  8. I'm thinking Dogpoet is probably best informed on this but if anyone else knows anything please pipe up.
  9. Are they worth getting? I really like the Killing Time story but I've got that in some old 2000ADs and I don't know owt about the other stories.
  10. I would be interested in some trades, so if you could post a list to Santa for me :-)
  11. I love Elliot Gould in The Long Goodbye. (I just had to jump in to say that)
  12. Honestly they've changed so much it would t surprise me if they have a new story line anyway.
  13. And some of the stuff in Preacher IS enormously offensive, intentionally so. You don't have to be a zealot to be offended by the idea of the offspring of Christ being inbred lunatics. And there's nothing wrong with being offended by that, it's just how you deal with and express that.
  14. No, but it wouldn't stop the idiots (not all Christians but a vocal minority) making a LOT of noise about it. Especially now we have I many social media outlets to blow things up. I get there's many many smart people in the US but you are a early, really religious country in comparison tonBritain and tbh I think some of the stuff in Preacher oils be too much even for some of our Chriatians. You e very vocal , powerful religious people.
  15. I can happily lose the sex investigators but yes, I don't want o wait multiple seasons for Starr to become a main character. But I wonder how they'll handle all the Grail/bloodline stuff as I can't see American audience overwhelmingly accepting it.
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