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  1. I'll give Egerton a chance. Look how we took to Matt Ryan soon as we saw the official pic and trailer. However, I don't see any crossover happening in any form.
  2. Taron Egerton as our John and Joanna Lumley as Lady Joanna Constantine
  3. If that's the case then everything in the Milligan era was just The Golden Boy not going into that goodnight quietly in Diggle's abrupt ending.....
  4. Unless Old Man Conjob only blocked Willowtree so our boy can get shit done.
  5. A shit monster a neck beard failed to stop. Then again maybe the shit monster was meant to be DiDio I feel for him. He might as well just settle for a suit vest and call it a day as backup. Still, for a one of a 2 parter, it feels very Jenkins with a dash of Ennis. A combo you can't go wrong with. 8/10
  6. Soon as I saw that otw home from work, I went full goofy Macguire dance. Maybe he can grovel to Alan Horn (since he came to DC under his WB tenure) for a job at Disney before Iger leaves (but not before the latter blackballs him)
  7. I'll need for the Berlanti mob to be banned from touching all Hellblazer material. You can use the New52 Cold Flame shit or the Djinn but for fuck sake, don't touch Dangerous Habits!! We suffered that butchering 15 years ago!! What's next, Seth Rogan adapting Pride & Jo- *gunshot* oof....
  8. Ironically, not too out of place for the James Tucker helmed DC animation crew to adapt (of course it'd be polluted with a ref or two complete with either a Nightmare Nurse appearance or Andrew Bennett because JL Dark is the little engine that shouldn't have been built) if applicable
  9. Even if their version if different was misguided and still kissing DiDio's bald head. Aside from the fucking Djinn, the hunt for Abby could've been so much more too close and a way resolve it and kill two birds with one stone. But alas it wasn't nor couldn't be the case. Then again, I'd reread that over Fawkes' butchering of the Trenchcoat Brigade and Cold Flame Cult any day (long as I continuously pretend JLDark isn't a thing whatsoever,)
  10. Flashbacks or as a Ghost... Speaking of Chas, its kina ironic we get Noah filling his shoes considering our reservations about Mr "DO IT!!" 15 years earlier.
  11. These 10 years were utter shit (excluding City of Demons, Ian Rankin's* one off and Pandemonium which werenow the bad times conclude with a true return *Im ashamed that got overlooked by yours truly
  12. Just as i insist everything outside of Scab and Suicide Bridge along with 8 years o' DCU is just that: bad fan fiction
  13. They did that already (and very short car coat at that*)....the monkey's paw for that was the ugly boots, a supporting character who's death wasnt earned or warranted, and 13 issues of meandering shit and ugly art (save for Vanessa Del Ray in #3-4). But I guess it would be nice to see our boy least differenate between outfits like in the Delano years. The last time he done that being both Carey (at first, the short jacket threw me off at first glance w/ #189 since I was expecting the black sweater & pants w/ Trench like the previous arcs) and Diggle (ending in John in a tieless
  14. And those who still live get to where the "I survived John Constantine!" t-shirt. Same for any dame who deals with some blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen
  15. Oh god did I forget about that part. One more point of why Milligan's run makes Azzarello's 25 issue Batman audition look more readable (but not by much despite Frusin, Dillon, Camuncoli, and Davis carrying the book)
  16. Ah, yes.... #(30)1 (aka the REAL #251*). From the voice, the characters, and Campbell's art (a evolution fron his Dynamite Entertainment days earlier in this decade), things didn't skip a . *Oh, Hi *****.
  17. Having though about Ennis, I do recall him saying she turned 20 in Son of Man when John was on the phone with Cheryl. Thus brings me too... ● mid 1978- Birth ●1983- #77 flashback, age 4/5 at the funeral that never was ● 1987/88- Age 9 or 10 (#4); John turned 35 when Nergal gave him his blood ● 1990- Age 12. Family Man kills Thomas and his ghost reaching out to her ● Christmas 1992- Age 14 when John and Kit visited her Cheryl and the Holy Burlap Sack (i.e. Tony) ● 1998- Age 19/20. #127 & aformentioned birthday (mentioned via phone call) ● Fall 2002- Age 24
  18. 1977... of course Was 10 when we first met her (and after #3's Yuppie demon episode), 12/13 when Thomas's ghost.... thus she'd be at least 42 right now
  19. 41 at this stage but 34 by the time of #300. Chas' daughter too since both were more than likely born in '78 though by some months apart. Geraldine was in her mid teens when we first met her, Renee, and a then newly born Tricia in #84. By the time of Carey and Mina she was 25-29. 30th birthday occurred during the first haf of Diggle's equally short run. Far as realtime kids go, Tefe should be my age (30!) Milligan, however, thought he had her pegges for early 20s but that can be his own blatant ignorance to try to crowbar in the out of thin air older sibling* *Having th
  20. Exactly. If anything Tim should be in his late 30s, early 40s right now
  21. I could've sworn Carey gave us an older Tim unless that was all Frusin's doing when it came to the Staring at the Wall cameo appearance
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