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  1. Re: Noah....


    Either he was conceived between Ellis and Azzarello's run or Spurrier finished Carry erasing the latter's Bat Audition of a run entirely. Plus when he lost his voice and his mom going coma bound, this had to happened either during Mina or Diggle's tenure. Had to be or the rape grandchildren of Nergal would've gotten them like they did the likes of Helen, Albert or Straff.* Same for Mako or the First



    *Sorry, Carey. No Ed Brubaker style Uno/Phase 10 mulligan for Momma Strathern for you. She's not Holly

  2. So....

    Not only Noah is John's but a certain long since absent half Elemental offspring has a half brother now



    This is where we need to make our voices heard to Marie Javins (only thing good  going for her right now is she's not You Know Who). 


    The ending pretty much is perfect to where we know there's more of our boy if the telecom demon formally known as Ma Bell would let us have more instead of foisting more YA and JLDark down our thorats. Hell, I'll take more as a season basis like the Invisibles and Sleeper even

  3. 1 minute ago, dogpoet said:

    Isn't John boy noted as a bareback rider? He wouldn't need the diabolical infestation in his spunk to burn through condoms if he never uses them. I know that Veitch had Abigail worrying about that in his run on Swamp Thing, and birth control never gets mentioned during any of the sex scenes, iirc.

    Yup. And not one time did Zed, Kit, Dani, & Angie* ever brought up rubbers.


    *Yes, I exluded Phoebe and the Blue!Clara Oswald (i.e. Epiphany) and there's a sound reason for that

  4. 6 hours ago, Bran the Blessed said:

    Geography is a big factor on why I didn't really try to keep following the series after it kept getting renewed, but the constant cancellations sure didn't help.
    Thing is, Hellblazer has always been a series where an author takes over for a while and then someone else takes charge and takes it in a different direction, but there's not much they can do with a run that goes on for 24 issues max.

    The saddest part is that those 12 issues spent on that Djinn plot end without us ever getting to see this mystical Djinn city because they had to pawn the book off to someone else. Honestly at that point, I'd be like "let someone else take over but actually finish" cause I remember the succeeding 12 issues were kinda forgettable.

    And 0 resolution to the missing Abby Holland either. Shit, I found Seeley's 3 parter (#13-15) more memorable than what he wrote later and Kadrey's short stint

  5. Re: the reveal at the end-

    The red fellow might not be the real Lucifer. If he is, then the story is indeed in its own bubble away from what we're accustomed to



    The glimpse of Thomas and Mary Anne could easily sync with the NBC series' brief description of how our John's birth came about. How Thomas looks here will take getting used to since I've been so used to how he looked in the Delano and Jenkins era that I fan casted David Bradley (don't

    @ me)[/Spoilers]
  6. 5 hours ago, Christian said:

    Jamie Delano’s run is the exception to that, as John was mostly a loner.

    I don’t think most would consider Marj or Mercury as the strongest of John’s supporting cast either, when they did show up.

    It really wasn’t until Ennis’ run that the idea of a strong supporting cast for John to okay off of came to prominence.

    Besides, I think everyone is forgetting about the greatest supporting character in Hellblazer history, from the New 52 series. Ha

    Nick Necro or Caitlyn Jen- I mean... Sargon?

  7. 54 minutes ago, dogpoet said:

    I'm not even sure that Marvel did buy the rights to Conan: isn't it something they acquired after being bought out by the Mouse like Star Wars?

    Correct. Same with Buffy (though Joss Whedon did admit Fox did pull its license during the merger & it going to Boom)

  8. 11 hours ago, Christian said:

    Yeah, younger readers and females are more likely to pick up Trades than head to the comic store each week.

    Marvel still canceled a lot of those titles based on monthly sales figures, but would then bring the book back for another go after seeing the collected edition statistics.*

    *Those titles tended to be those yucky “diversity” titles that Marvel was publishing, which appealed more to “millennials” or females compared to the typical middle-aged male demographic who buy weekly new comics in the greatest numbers; rather than a book that started when Reagan was president. So, who knows?

    As you said, the Vertigo HB TPBs have remained in print.

    So, if the Trades end up seeing good numbers, there is a chance of DC giving Spurrier’s book another chance, I guess.

    (Of course, these are COVID times, and Marvel has canceled a large percentage of their lower-selling books to increase profits too. I don’t think we can look at things in the same way as the past.)

    However, AT&T may want DC to move away from a potentially controversial title like HB (it tackles...gasp!...politics), so they may not care about potential sales, which will never bring in the bucks like more Batman, Superman, or JLA anyway.

    If only Batman: Damned (or in Friends layman's titles: The One With The Bat-Schlong feat. Lil' Etrigan*) wasn't commissioned in the first place.....

    *Either this or NBA Demonboy

  9. On 8/13/2020 at 2:31 AM, JohnMcMahon said:

    Probably too soon to say.

    The argument for that kind of imprint/content is that while the monthly audience tends to be significantly smaller than that for mainstream superheroes it's broader in the longer term (collection sales outside comic shops) and totally different - ie if you stop catering to them, you lose them altogether, they don't just jump over to reading Batman.

    As ridiculous as it sounds, Constantine has a presence in media outside of comics too - granted, neither the show nor movie rocked the world but the character seems to have found some success on both the CW and in animated features.

    Understatement after seeing that Bleeding Cool article just now..... Goddamn it

  10. On 6/17/2020 at 10:38 AM, JohnMcMahon said:

    More detailed information on the Ellis allegations here

    Getting dirty with 20 year old women isn't a sin but exploiting your position of privilege over vulnerable people is and if that's the case here then he's got a lot to answer for.

    Surprised Bleeding Cool haven't weighed in on this.


    About them...

  11. 5 hours ago, GottaGetAGrip said:

    I'm somewhat surprised at the number of Hollywood-level actors partaking in an audio drama adaptation.

    (Makes me wonder if there's going to be some crossover between this cast and the cast of the in-development Netflix adaptation - though I can't exactly picture Egerton as a live-action John and much less James McAvoy as Dream)

    I'll give Egerton a chance. Look how we took to Matt Ryan soon as we saw the official pic and trailer. However, I don't see any crossover happening in any form. 

  12. 8 hours ago, dogpoet said:

    We're all taking it for granted that the old boy is the last panel of 300, which may not be the case. There's another Constantine who got zapped by Gemma's magic nerf gun, after all, and he'd have a good reason for taking a possessive approach to John's soul as well as explaining the physical link between the two of them. Maybe even telling John boy to be the best Constantine he can is just to free him up to be the worst himself.

    Maybe it's John's evil twin...

    If that's the case then everything in the Milligan era was just The Golden Boy not going into that goodnight quietly in Diggle's abrupt ending.....

  13. 9 hours ago, Christian said:

    I thought that old man John was the JC from HB #300 also. I was wondering if the "old man" being referred to by hipster Tom was supposed to be Old Man Constantine or not. I thought maybe it was someone else. I can't see our John stirring up racism, although an earlier issue did show Old Man Constantine meeting with that Right-Wing politician.

    So, maybe Old Man Constantine really doesn't have anything to do with the classic HB series.

    Unless Old Man Conjob only blocked Willowtree  so our boy can get shit done.

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