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  1. 1 hour ago, JohnMcMahon said:

    It is indeed a two parter, it's not high comedy but

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    John going to all the trouble of slipping back into his old duds only to get attacked by a shit monster

    got a laugh from me.

    A shit monster a neck beard failed to stop. Then again maybe the shit monster was meant to be DiDio


    I feel for him. He might as well just settle for a suit vest and call it a day as backup. Still, for a one of a 2 parter, it feels very Jenkins with a dash of Ennis. A combo you can't go wrong with.



  2. Soon as I saw that otw home from work, I went full goofy Macguire dance. 


    Maybe he can grovel to Alan Horn (since he came to DC under his WB tenure) for a job at Disney before Iger leaves (but not before the latter blackballs him)

  3. On 2/3/2020 at 12:40 PM, londonsurrealist said:

    To be honest, I found Ian Rankin's book less than whelming. Not horrible, not great, a few good moments along the way, but too superficial.

    Ironically, not too out of place for the James Tucker helmed DC animation crew to adapt (of course it'd be polluted with a ref or two complete with either a Nightmare Nurse appearance or Andrew Bennett because JL Dark is the little engine that shouldn't have been built) if applicable

  4. On 1/28/2020 at 10:55 AM, Christian said:

    I think the Doyle/Tynion run was pretty divisive from the start.

    To their credit, they didn't try to write stretched out story-arcs, for the TPB market. Most of their stories were stand-alone.

    It never truly had the feel of a John Constantine comic, although I thought it started out pretty well, before it quickly seemed quite pointless.

    I never felt that the "Rebirth" book was succeeding in recapturing the spirit of returning John to classic HB status, as it seemed like he was trying too hard to fool readers in to thinking it was a relaunch of the Vertigo book, instead of a watered-down DCU all-ages retread. This was even before it became apparent that Oliver's sole idea was John vs. the Djinn. I give Doyle/Tynion credit for at least trying something different.

    Spurrier's book is the first time I felt like I was reading a HB story that is  continuation of the same character from the Vertigo series.

    Yes, I definitely give credit to Spurrier for starting out with a three-issue story-arc. I hope to see more one or two-part stories going forward too, like the pre-Azzarello Hellblazer series.

    Even if their version if different was misguided and still kissing DiDio's bald head. 

    Aside from the fucking Djinn, the hunt for Abby could've been so much more too close and a way resolve it and kill two birds with one stone. But alas it wasn't nor couldn't be the case. Then again, I'd reread that over Fawkes' butchering of the Trenchcoat Brigade and Cold Flame Cult any day (long as I continuously pretend JLDark isn't a thing whatsoever,)

  5. On 1/22/2020 at 1:15 PM, JohnMcMahon said:

    Not a lot to say on this one, just a nice tasty serving of Hellblazer!

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    Constantine dealing with the woes of public transport was amusing and I guess it's nice to have another ex-boyfriend officially in the books for those who try to play silly buggers about these things ?  John's new crew are interesting but I'm looking forward to Chas showing his face down the road! 


    Flashbacks or as a Ghost...


    Speaking of Chas, its kina ironic we get Noah filling his shoes considering our reservations about Mr "DO IT!!" 15 years earlier.

  6. On 12/23/2019 at 2:42 PM, Christian said:

    Uhhh....Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the 8 years of DCU were definitely fan fiction!

    What if John Constantine interacted with the Justice League and fought his arch-enemy, the amazing Nick Necro?

    What if John Constantine's whole character was that he was bisexual?

    What if they relaunched Hellblazer to be just like the Vertigo series again, but rated PG and featuring a never-ending story-arc about John fighting Djinn?

    I guess Milligan's what if John Constantine married a Goth girl who was 40 years younger than him and that fell in love with him when she was twelve years old also counts.....

    That all sounds like purely (and very shitty) fan fiction to me!

    These 10 years were utter shit (excluding City of Demons, Ian Rankin's* one off and Pandemonium which werenow the bad times conclude with a true return


    *Im ashamed that got overlooked by yours truly

  7. 34 minutes ago, dogpoet said:

    Look at it this way, John: Milligan insisted that the trenchcoat was magic even before he revealed that it was magic because it used to belong to Nick Necro.

    If that isn't a good enough reason to get him a donkey jacket or a leather or something, what is?

    Just as i insist everything outside of Scab and Suicide Bridge along with 8 years o' DCU is just that: bad fan fiction

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  8. 12 hours ago, JasonT said:

    Surprised to find that was pretty much exactly what I wanted from Hellblazer. Creepy horror story, bit of social comment, fantastic art, John's character felt right, I liked Nat instantly. The whole thing felt like authentic Hellblazer for the first time in *mumbles* years.

    They need to let go of the trenchcoat. Other than that, more of the same please.

    Did I mention how good the art was?

    They did that already (and very short car coat at that*)....the monkey's paw for that was the ugly boots, a supporting character who's death wasnt earned or warranted, and 13 issues of meandering shit and ugly art (save for Vanessa Del Ray in #3-4).


    But I guess it would be nice to see our boy least differenate between outfits like in the Delano years. The last time he done that being both Carey (at first, the short jacket threw me off at first glance w/ #189 since I was expecting the black sweater & pants w/ Trench like the previous arcs) and Diggle (ending in John in a tieless suit defeating the Golden Boy). Unless the next writer after Spurrier has John going full Peter Capaldi**, we can't fuck with what's part of an ingredient. That'd be like having a certain Bog God sporting a Mohawk


    *having looked at some jackets online in the 4 yrs since, two car coat looks can easily pass if one were to do the DCYou cosplay carefully.


    ** hoodie and wearing a coat (trench or long wool variety) ontop of it.

  9. On 12/2/2019 at 7:30 AM, dogpoet said:

    Thanks. I do sometimes wonder whether Constantine has trouble keeping track of the names of all these exes of his as well. Small wonder so many of them end up dying nastily...

    And those who still live get to where the "I survived John Constantine!" t-shirt. Same for any dame who deals with some blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen

  10. On 12/2/2019 at 2:56 PM, JohnMcMahon said:

    John makes a snide comment or two about her eating habits too - after he tried to rape Phoebe mind so fairly far down on his list of offences under Milligan!

    Oh god did I forget about that part. One more point of why Milligan's run makes Azzarello's 25 issue Batman audition look more readable (but not by much despite Frusin, Dillon, Camuncoli, and Davis carrying the book)

  11. On 11/5/2019 at 7:37 AM, dogpoet said:

    I think #3 was 1987, but I'm not sure what year The Mourning Of The Magician was.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the age Ennis gave her didn't match Delano's count, but either way she has to be remarkably well preserved to look as young as she does in Milligan's run up to the legendary #300. Maybe that runs in the family and it's something else she takes after her uncle over?

    Having though about Ennis, I do recall him saying she turned 20 in Son of Man when John was on the phone with Cheryl. Thus brings me too...

    ● mid 1978- Birth

    ●1983- #77 flashback, age 4/5 at the funeral that never was

    ● 1987/88- Age 9 or 10 (#4); John turned 35 when Nergal gave him his blood

    ● 1990- Age 12. Family Man kills Thomas and his ghost reaching out to her

    ● Christmas 1992- Age 14 when John and Kit visited her Cheryl and the Holy Burlap Sack (i.e. Tony)

    ● 1998- Age 19/20. #127 & aformentioned birthday (mentioned via phone call)

    ● Fall 2002- Age 24 (Red Sepulchre)

    ● Summer & Fall 2003- Age 24/25 (#187-188 and Staring At The Wall)

    ● 2004- Age 26. Gemma and Angie attempting to find John before Rosacarnis threw them off the trail

    ● 2005- Age 27. Reason to Be Cheerful through RSVP

    ● 2006- 27/28. Glasgow and the Empathy matter.


    ● 2011- Age 33

    ● 2012- Age 34. Going by release time than sales date, this is the last we seen of her.

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  12. 21 hours ago, dogpoet said:

    Gemma's a year or two older than that, I think? She was about to have her sixteenth birthday in #62, so If she turned sixteen in '92 she's turned forty three by now.

    1977... of course

    Was 10 when we first met her (and after #3's Yuppie demon episode), 12/13 when Thomas's ghost.... thus she'd be at least 42 right now

  13. 59 minutes ago, Christian said:

    What age was Gemma supposed to be when Vertigo Hellblazer ended though? I know Milligan wrote her as an immature psychotic, but let's just ignore that.

    41 at this stage but 34 by the time of #300. Chas' daughter too since both were more than likely born in '78 though by some months apart. Geraldine was in her mid teens when we first met her, Renee, and a then newly born Tricia in #84. By the time of Carey and Mina she was 25-29. 30th birthday occurred during the first haf of Diggle's equally short run. Far as realtime kids go, Tefe should be my age (30!)


    Milligan, however, thought he had her pegges for early 20s but that can be his own blatant ignorance to try to crowbar in the out of thin air older sibling*


    *Having thought this now Finn had to be born around the time John left Liverpool and prior to Cheryl ever meeting Tony meaning Finn is probably close to 50 or 4 years away from it....  Goddamn you, Milligan. Karen and Shelly should've came down hard on you had DiDio not had his boots on their proverbial necks for his vanity DCU reboot.  😑

  14. 4 hours ago, Christian said:

    I'm pretty sure that Tim Hunter did grow up as the series progressed. There was a Tim Hunter series by Dylan Horrocks that featured Hunter in university. That series was quite a while ago too, so you'd have to figure Hunter would be somewhere in his late-20s, if not even older.

    Looking online, the last Vertigo Tim Hunter series was from 2002.

    Plus, there'd have to be some sort of weird time dilation effect going on if John ages in real time, while Tim Hunter stays perpetually a youth, if they exist in the same universe.

    Exactly. If anything Tim should be in his late 30s, early 40s right now

  15. 2 hours ago, dogpoet said:

    A very promising curtain raiser.

    Shame we're stuck with the boy wizard PotterHunter but given the Gaiman emphasis in the line that's not going to be negotiable. At least the presence of Tim will stop future writers from writing John as though he ceased all intellectual and emotional development in his early teens, so it might turn out to be a good thing.

    I could've sworn Carey gave us an older Tim unless that was all Frusin's doing when it came to the Staring at the Wall cameo appearance

  16. Yup, he's back...and after a decade (yes 6 but Im pretending Pandimoniun and City of Demons was the last we saw of the our boy while everything else was a crap). I am relieved to know things are up to speed. Love the multiverse splash (took 12 years but we did get a Keanu cameo*) As for our favorite cabbie...


    It was a matter of time. Plus his fate is sadly ironic seeing how John had lung cancer and Cgas was devestated. Now the roles got reversed but eith 2nd hand smoke. Re: the fam- I'm judt going take a shot in the dark and say the Vampire thing with Renee had to have happened during the interim or was Spurrier tryibg to reference how Nergal's mojo in Chas and that domestic beatdown. That plus I was on the money about real tine with Geraldine and Tricia (41 and 25 respectively.


    As for the Tim thing, Im convinced someone or something is playing havoc with reality to have John see this "Future!Tim" or someone created him. I'll get BOM #14 to see how that plays out. But for now, Welcome back you mad punk git. May you live a billion years, pints, and packs!


    *I still want Diggle's original #238 to see the light of day just like we finally got Shoot

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