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  1. nu52 was generally a fuck up.period.there are those who slandered the Constantine comic of nu52,but i think the only thing it really lacked was 1)the lack of personal in depth look at John constantine ,it was all too vague.though i do like the idea of the cult of the cold flame setting john up for failure---even in his originial hellblazer incarnation,john fucked up with Astra...becasue he was trying to do the right thing ,the wrong way.i think a lot of writers are seem to lose that bit.john wants to do the right thing ---usuallly,but he keeps fucking it up,like failure is the only option.the only time i can say that john was out right mailicious wa sduring the azarello run --i mean yes,he did screw over his best friendgaz--but that was to save new york city.he DID stop the second coming by tainting zed---but bringing thesecond coming may have offset armaggeddon...which i don't think would've been good for anyone. he also started a bar fight with the first of the fallen (badass)so his friend could go to heaven earning himself a life of torment...if that ain't a sacrifice,i don't know WHAT is. I mean sure,he's cheated people out of money ,but what is that compared to saving the world a few time and averting serious fuck ups? and even when he does do some dastardly shit,he does have a sense to feel bad about it.that nu52 constantine lacked that preptual guilt of the hellblazer version--this guy was just...a bit too heartless.i mean constantine WASan asshole but an asshole and heartless are not the same thing.


    what nu52 got right was john's amazing and uncanny ability to outwit people above his level quite easily-fighting smart ,not hard--which is what made nick necro a poorly delivered villain.it wasn;t the match of wits it should've been--nick was eaither beastmoding everybody or trying to get back with his exes---if it was like an L vs Light Yagami [deathnote] typ thing then YES,that would've been gold.Or conversly,Nick could've been fuck psycho from being sent to hell and could've been joker-level creepy,or like some of the worse versions of klarion bleak--


    As for constantine:the hellblazer?? i doubt john would just screw some evil demon bitch for shits and giggles---do we remember how elle the sucubus from hellblazer had to help john out?yup,with John Constantine,you gotta pay for the D--then oliver...would've been better if he also turned out to be involved in the supernatural and even though john has had bystanders fucked over--after Astra ,he generally hadn't had too many kids in the freezer on his behalf.also...can i talk about how Neron and papa midknight were both disrespected? okay...really i am trying to find a decent point but its getting pretty hard to ,so i'm gonna drop it.


    basically,i knew the reboot was destined to fail as they failed to grasp john


    I think that writers miss the biggest point of constantine: sometimes to do the right thing,you gotta get your hands dirty...and sometimes get em' bloody.


    Hardly slander when the charges are no more truer then and now for the latest axed comic


    Those who demanded the emphasis on sexuality got what they wanted far as representation of the bi aspect but didn't bother caring about whether a good story mattered or not.


    It's like the people writing the bisexual British boot wearer have ignored the one thing that makes him unique.


    Yup and they didn't care anymore than Azzarello circa 2000-2002 or Milligan who disappeared up his own ass.


    Even Oliver's demise left with me not giving 0 fucks since not only was he just there but his "deal" with Blythe (who's also just there) makes 0 sense.

  3. He's not alone. Even I find myself realizing New52!John (Nick Necro and all save for the SyFy left overs that are the Cold Flame) wasn't all bad.


    Those who demanded the emphasis on sexuality got what they wanted far as representation of the bi aspect but didn't bother caring about whether a good story matteted or not. You can't harp on one and ignore the other thinking this will keep a book going; in the case of Constantine the Hellblazer, those who were happy about the emphasis didn't even bother sticking around for their rewards. That hee should tell who the real fans are and who the fakes are. Doyle and Tynion kept pandering to the fakes to where the book became a rotten chore after Milligan whether Rossmo or Foreman w/the only decent artwork* that tried to work being Del Ray's even as a two issue guest spot.



    That said, Bring on July so Oliver and Moritat can give our John back his coat and his balls.




    *SN: Anyone surprised to see Manco back in his groove with the Wacky Races: Fury Road comic compared to 2008?

  4. so this series is going to be the new breaking bad success wise, if your history of predictions is any indication. :wink2:

    the pilot on this one has already leaked. i smell a trend.


    I'll take a good college guess as to what comes next


    *Some positive buzz

    *Pilot gets decent ratings but drops as time rolls on


    *Ad time for it goes into either the reality shows or CSI and Cyber


    *Nina Tessler takes a page from Greenblatt in dragging her feet with the rights ao a rival wont have to take the show in leading to the eventual cancellation announcement and the fall 2016 schedule.


    God, how off I was....

  5. CfKk8M0UYAAL-VJ.jpg

    Now that I've noticed, he does look and act like Charlie Sheen


    This is really weird






    Goran Suduka....

  6. Hey! what do you know, according to Wikipedia, James Tynion IV is a bisexual male!

    I guess that shows that an openly gay writer is not the answer to JC's woes.

    Plus, it proves in reality, Tynion is never the answer to anything.


    I'm waiting for DC's announcement that Judd Winnick will be co-writing The Hellblazer with Oliver....


    How old is Simon Oliver? his Wikipedia page says he was born in 1991. I have my doubts about that. He was hanging around on this Forum back when he was writing Chas, back around 2005, and he never came across as a 14 year old in our discussions with him.


    Don't jinx us, man!

  7. On a related note to the discussion of DC's (lack of?) talent last page, DC has just announced a writers and artist workshop programs. It's probably the closest there ever will be to the company accepting unsolicited writing submissions again, although the rules for application stress that you can't include any ideas involving DC characters in your application and completion of the workshop doesn't guarantee a writing position at DC afterwards.


    The writer's workshop application period starts on May 1st. Anyone got a resume of previously published comics or novels that wanna take a longshot?



    Does a comic pitch count?

  8. Finally found an image of the reveal:


    Looks like the good 'ol trenchcoat is back, and it also seems like John got rid of that awful haircut Tynion/Doyle/Rossmo gave him.


    But eh, not too big on them calling the book "The Hellblazer" like John's some sorta kinda lame d-list event cannon fodder superhero and that's his moniker. Just call the book Hellblazer Vol 2.


    & give it back to the Vertigo imprint but sadly that's not gonna happen unless Dan DiDio leaves or dies.

  9. i think the issue there is that there are a handfull of JC lovers still loyal in DC's camp,but they are following under certain rules of certain people in charge and they are trying to make a quick buck.I think a few things are necessary--# darker and grittier--y'know how batman and suicide squad are not necesarilly general audience friendly? how about that bit.The problem here is the DC comics caters to people who grew up with comic book characters and there is a certain standard.


    Hellblazer wasn't part of that standard,nor was sandman.


    What is going on is also that there needs to be to boost it nup to the mnodern era.Our boy John was a character of the past and sad as i am to see him go,that's kinda it.He's not of this era.


    The last saving throwwould be to have a contest by fans of the series and pick a story by the winner.


    Say what you will and thou will be judged-- but the Constantine comic almost hit it on the nail,the existance of g


    And Now it's unpopular opinion time (yay)


    -As a person of this age,I'm gonna do a rundown of shit that would've worked if it had better writers


    1)the existance of Georgiana Winters and the idea that the british government was actively looking into supernatural threats (watch anime Black Butler:example of how it worked)

    2)Cult of the Cold flame-could have actually been a thing

    3)Anybody remember the Trencoat Brigade ?(those folks could always have been an active pressence)

    4)you guys are ginna hate the shit outta me--but I still stand that Nick Necro would've been an awesome character--but more so if he wasn't a villain,but just as John's mentor/boyfirend and maybe died saving him or some shit and didn't go out like a bitch

    5)which would have inexplicably tied John to Zatanna--

    6)which would've swung him into the dcu

    7)and because Zatanna use to go with bruce wayne--there is a chance he could've met John (and Nick/) and this would've swung JC into the ,mainstream dcu--(smart move putting him in arrow,by the way)--

    8)and because batman/gotham is dark in and in itself--it would've made since for an affilated series to be dark and gritty too

    9)STOP TRYNNA CENSOR IT.some seriously messed up shit happend in Hellblazer--how about some of this seriously messed up shit happen in the next constantine mess


    And unpopular opinion-conversly--a series with young John Nick and Zatanna going on the road and kicking ass (like supernatural and the winchester bros.)


    in hellblazer,john ran around on fucked up adventures,banished some evil shit,did some morally disturbing shit .I mean,running around and destroying supernatural threats should be a pretty easy storyline to work--why are these people making it hard? Harry dresden did it and did well,anita blake up into a certain point...Gotdamnit! Scooby doo done did it?! why is this so damn hard for them?


    Maybe,they really should just let it die.We fans remember hellblazer,but hellblazer is super obscure and most people don't even know about it.hell nick necro (okay,keanu ,but i just gotta make the joke) was more well known than hellblazer for the longest.and say what you will ,but the movie was great becaus ethey got the right magic-realism type atmosphere....it's the next best thing to hellblazer in my opinion.


    It pains me that our boy john went out like a nut,but the fact is we are dealing with the wrong type of people who don't know how to write the genre.hellbalzer was horror...and actually paul dini's take on zatanna was horror...really think he may be able to pull off a constantine story ,provided zatanna was around--then again,maybe not

    also this may seem minute to some peope but--


    i think it could benefit from an actual non-heterosexual writer to acurately portray john..no really,but that is the least of our problems now


    Okay,my rant is done


    Unless he/she doesn't make the same mistakes Doyle and Tynion IV have, it's gonna be a long while

  10. The Hellblazer creative team announced at WonderCon Livestream:


    Simon Oliver and Moritat.


    Storyline: John and Swamp Thing team-up to rescue Abby


    Also interesting news is that somehow DC managed to coax Christopher Priest out of comics retirement to write Deathstroke.


    I'm fine with Oliver and Moritat (especially since I loved his work on the Spirit under the First Wave banner)

  11. For this rebirth, all I ask is that they don't fuck up Constantine anymore then they already have. But I'm probably talking out of my ass though. I want them to take John back to being a human being who just happens to have a vast knowledge of the occult, can get out of dangerous situations with cheep spells, and is all about his wits and smooth talking.


    Also PUT HIM IN AN ACTUAL DAMN TRENCHCOAT THIS TIME! That small jacket of a coat was getting on my nerves. I liked the TV show's trench well enough, but the one in CTH was just annoying to see.


    That wasn't even a trench. It's just a small ass jacket that not even Rossmo's wind blowing shots can hide it despite trying to have the breeze move it like a trench coat....smh

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  12. It makes me wonder, had Constantine not gotten the axe, would we have seen the Family Man storyline "adapted" as a police procedural?


    By the possibility of omitted Thomas and his death from the precedings for budget reasons (i.e. no London filming), it'd be pretty close to that

    Thomas was killed in Liverpool, not London.


    I was exhausted from work at the time!!! :Chas:
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