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  1. DONE. There's no future for this cack.


    Neron looks like shite (as does Midnite)

    Still feel nothing for the cafe guy.



    Seriously, why noy replace Ming and James with Tom Taylor or snatch up Alex Kot back to do thic comic instead of those two??

  2. Matt Ryan isn't close to HB John either. I want someone else to play as him.

    sarcasm/quick wit ? check.

    chain smoking ? check.

    skilled at manipulation and con artistry ? check .

    reputation for screwing people over ? check .

    blonde hair/trenchcoat ? check.

    same background with astra/mucous membrane / ravenscar ? check.

    makes snappy comebacks at demons and angels ? check.


    i'm sorry, what ?


    only real differences were that he didn't get to swear like a sailor and the show did kinda make him out to be too "heroic " particularly in the early eps.


    This is my ideal Constantine ^

    well, yeah, that fan film is something i've always loved. i wished those guys'd make more already , like forrealz.


    since constantine is cancelled someone should just do a hellblazer fan series

    "Oi, guv'nor! Oi'll 'ave yer up the bum, and yer huge fookin' dawg that's tryin' to breek doon the walls o' creation and wipe out the human race an' all!"

    (Maybe it's just me taking a dim view of fanfic, but please God no.)

    it's taken almost straight out of a scene from the comics and is extremely well done IMO.


    Except the fan film loses point for bringing up Milligan's run

  3. Another thing I'm slowly not feeling is Oliver.


    So far he's really done nothing to make me give a damn about him. He's just...there. He has no real relevance to the plot of the story (whatever that is), most of his appearances are small and forgettable besides his first appearance, and when he does appear, he's nothing but a ploy for this hammy, unmoving romance he and John sort of have.


    If they REALLY wanted to make a love interest for John in Oliver, they should have looked at Kit Ryan. She was an engaging love interest to John along with Zed, who didn't take all of John's bullshit, and made him think on not only his life, but how much of a risk it is for theirs. Here, Oliver is just that piece of meat (no pun intended) that John's not suppose to eat, but is seething for it. That's all well and good, but the least you can do is build his character more so that I can find a reason to care.


    I dunno is it his physical looks that people enjoy him? Is it something I wouldn't understand since I don't see him in a sexual manner? Because honestly he's just...boring!


    Thank you!! He's just a prop and nothing more. Both this and the previous title suffered from the lack of strong female characters (omitting Zatanna who Milligan's JLD run reduced to a sidekick to where that and his run makes me wish he should've made like Chuck Austen and get exiled to Marvel & stay there) along with shitty material.

  4. The more I read into this series the more this feels less like Hellblazer and more like an OOC fanfiction of Hellblazer written by a Tumblr user whose writting it based on ONLY reading issue 51 and the Azzerrllo arc with SW Manor, with a lil bit of TV series "supernatural" type spooky shit on the side.


    I always remind myself that this isn't suppose to be a copy of the original gritty Hellblazer comics, but...it's still urks me at times.


    Pretty much and that's sadly the overall target audience for a comic that's dwindling in sales much like the New52 title before it.

  5. It's been alleged that fucking River Song is being trotted out yet again for the Christmas special.

    Hopefully not, but if so: fuck this. I'm done with Who until they find another producer, one who can actually kill characters and make it stick.


    Welcome to the resistance

  6. What he said






    Th only positive of the issue is seeing Swampy and John together again. The bad



    *Tintin Revisited look

    *Oliver only exists to pander to the Tumblr babies; he's a prop that might as well fit in Milligan's run like the Ellie substitute he foisted on us: Forgettable and a waste of time. Hell, SW Manor (even as a shitty obvious Batman analogue) had something going for him.


    *Midnite's new look.

    *Plot still barebones

  7. CONS_HB_9.jpg?1447701082





    Art and cover by RILEY ROSSMO

    On sale FEBRUARY 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+


    The truth behind the magical chaos that has befallen New York City comes out when the demonic power player Neron casts John Constantine down into the fires of Hell itself, where our occult investigator has no shortage of enemies—including an infernal ex the Hellblazer hoped he’d never see again…

  8. Gotta make sure the AWESOME! HIP! QUIRKY! COLORFUL!© toys you introduce look better on the shelf than all those older toys the other guys made! :smile2:


    Then our book gets canned and readers fled from Milligan's toys despite the very tiny minority that loved that run. We'll talk about this in the Milligan thread; this is about how much a hipster damp squib the new book is

  9. To be fair, Ennis really built up the supporting cast as a big part of John's life, and then slaughtered them at the end of his run. We had a few good years of characterization first. This book expects us to be introduced to characters in one issue, and then care when they're killed off the next issue. I'm not saying HB writers haven't done that before.

    Part of it is that we have seen this a number of times before, probably, yeah. If the whole point of this version of the book is that bad things happen to those around John, that's not that great of a hook.

    I'd say it's deeper than just that superficial problem with the comic though, as there just isn't any sense of caring about any of it. It's like it's happening without any stakes. You got the feeling that John really cared when his friends died in Hellblazer. Here, I get the idea that John doesn't much care. Which rubs off on the reader that we don't really have anything to care about either.. It feels like everything is just going through the motions. We move slowly from Point A to Point C, and Point C isn't anything interesting, and we took a long detour around Point B to get to Point C.


    Given what's been going down so far, I believe it's been this way dating back to Milligan then Lemire & Fawkes early on. Who really cared about Phoebe or whatsisname from New52!Johnny #1?

  10. I wouldn't attack the creators. I'm sure they can do fine work (well, not Tynion. I don't know much about Doyle though, so I can't really say. The artwork is fine. I like the artwork on the book fine. Rossmo is an incredibly talented artist who should be helping to reinvent Constantine now that Hellblazer is long gone. But, I don't see how anyone could have enjoyed this issue.

    There's just no real effort being put in to the story. It's as "by the numbers" basic as you can get. Anyone could have written this story....Tom DeFalco, anyone. There's nothing distinctive about it. as far as plotting. Plus, critiquing a writer or artist for not properly doing their job is perfectly acceptable. There have been continued flaws with the dialogue in this book.

    If Constantine is to succeed, it needs more creativity and something different that sets is apart. Right now, there are two comics which are doing Constantine better than Constantine....Wolf and Doctor Strange....and that's a real problem.

    Expecting us to pay the inflated price for one comic book issue today and then delivering a sub-par product is not acceptable. Yes, we can just drop the book. But, we're on a Hellblazer fan site. Many of us obviously care deeply about this character and want to see him succeed. We're the loyal backbone for John Constantine in the DC Universe. We're some of the few who stuck with the New 52 relaunch for all its mediocrity. We critique because we care.

    We can only judge creators based on what they put on the page. Maybe Doyle does like John Constantine, but she's not a good fit for that character so far, as she isn't bringing much in the way of ideas to this book, as of yet.


    Thank you!

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