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  1. I don't know. The characterization doesn't feel fluent. It does feel like we're seeing two different interpretations of the character that the author is pulling out depending on the circumstances. John is more like Two Face than the Batman character has ever been! I really liked the John Constantine character that Doyle presented in the first issue. It was still a recognizable John Constantine, but had a distinctive tone to the character, making him other than simply an attempt to recapture the Hellblazer glory days when people liked the character more. We haven't seen that version of John since issue #1 though. He's been more superficial since.


    There really wasn't anything good to say about this issue. A 4-part story-arc that felt like 12 parts, and could have been done in two. Writing that reads like someone trying to write like Brian Bendis, but having no ear for dialogue....and still trying to write like Bendis in 2015 isn't a positive thing, even if you do capture his feel for "repartee". On the positive side, it looks like Georginia is gone now. She ended up just being boring.


    Thus why Tynion IV isn't a good wordsmith he thinks himself to be in his doing the comic's dialogue let alone the comic itself

  2. Following synopsis for the vignettes:




    Brixton, 1986


    Upon his first trip home after defeating the Brujuria with a host of others, Constantine now has the time to mourn his crew. But not without a last minute call to the Tate Club where a cult has their sights on Clarice.






    II. Bleedin' Las Vegas!


    Las Vegas, 2002


    Fresh off of settling a score in Los Angeles, Constantine finally takes one more trip out before returning to familiar surroundings. Funny how it leads to him reuniting with Zatanna and series of dead bodies resurrected for a bigger purpose….





    III. Cutting Room Floor



    London, Fall 2008


    John makes a surprise return to Liverpool upon request of Anita Nelson as her partner falls prey to a posession of a spirit all to familar….and with a vengeance




    IV. Leviathan (A Constantine 2005 Tale)


    It's 2012, December 21. With a string of murders to bring forth a rising evil upon Los Angeles, Constantine has til midnight to stop a mad nun before the biggest end of the world party commences.





    V. Love Like Blood (or Constantine: The Lost Episode)


    Atlanta and Washington DC, Fall 2017 (Quite the time jump!). Three and a half years had past since we last saw our favorite mage. The rising darkness was thwarted along with Manny, Zed and Corrigan embraced their respective destinies, Chas is still Chas and John Constantine's still in the thick of it. With his latest girlfriend in Weekly World Star journalist Danita Wright by his side, things are finally starting to wind down for him (or so he thinks). Of course a series of vampire citings and a unlikely acquaintance in Lord Andrew Bennett begs to differ.



    VI. TBD (A Constantine- The Hellblazer tale

  3. Alright, Im working on a 30th anniversary story commemorating our John and it'll be up before year's end. Here's my synopsis so far:


    John Constantine's been in a personal hell he's not gotten out of in the two years since we last saw him. His niece confined him into an ordinary life with the final dart with a memory not all his own. All that changed when a mysterious woman approached him at the pub where she told him about a special treatment for the lost and the blocked to help him figure out as to whether his dreams are events that actually happened or if he's coming undone. As the treatment went under way, the woman, Chloe, produced a tape of Mucous Membrane's Venus of the Hardsell. With that, the Constantine we know showly returns as she shows him three highlights of his past adventures and another three from alternate timelines featuring various versions of himself


    The past will consist of segments from 1986, 2002, & 2008 as well as three segments featuring TV!John, Tynion IV-Doyle's John and (Silk Cuts help me) Keanu!John....



    Synopsis for all six segments are forthcoming and will along with the story be posted on deviantART and on here

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  4. The only chance of that happening is if his appearance in Arrow really strikes a chord with viewers, which isn't beyond the realms of possibility but I wouldn't be betting on it myself.


    As long as they don't trade out Fearless Leader, Blass, Boylan and the rest of the writing staff for fucking Berlanti and Guggenheim, I want to believe

  5. He's only actually appearing in one episode, where he resurrects one of the characters that are going to appear in 'Legends of Tomorrow' to avoid confusion.


    Kinda hoping he'd help out Oliver take down Ra's Al Ghul by a series of sacrifices and cons like how he does in Injustice.

    Basically, he's only going to be used as a tool.


    Hopefully, viewers would find him very interesting and beg for him to stay in the show like Castiel on Supernatural.[/b


    Or, y'know, just revive Constantine for season two instead of that.

  6. Yes, Ming. I accept you. In fact, I love you and it definitely makes up for you drawn our boy like a Calvin Klein model

    Calvin wouldn't let one of his models tuck their strides into their boots, I suspect.


    Touché :Chas:
  7. There were rumors that he had major issues with the studio and how a lot of other behind the scenes problems caused the film to tank.


    He made the film Chronicle pt 2 complete with him showing up to the set drugged out of his skull. Once Fox realized how wrong they were they wanted reshoots that triggered Trank lashing out leading to him getting locked out from doing the reshoots; Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker ghost directed the reshoots as did Matthew Vaughn (specifically the 3rd act)

  8. Just me who thinks it looks like Murphy had started drawing him wearing a biker jacket then realised the script said a burberry and quickly changed as much as he could after he'd already started inking it, then?


    He sure did a damn good job at changing it quickly as he did

  9. I found it more satisfying than the previous issue because it was part of a story, rather than a character piece with smatterings of story. The monologue was something of a throwback, but I think it was more hardnosed noir than Delano flowerings and I don't have a problem with that.


    I find Rossmo's best contribution to be the hell denizens in the preview and this issue. Those "thin places" that Constantine walked past were pretty.

    His work reminds me a little of Dean Ormston's on Lucifer.


    I am going out on a limb to say that John's promise to the ghosts that couldn't really die "again" means Gaz will be back. Otherwise, killing him here was daft.


    At the point when the story should have been a pathos-driven ending, we got "Heckblazer". Idiots.

    So it appears we have the Austin Powers generation of John Constantine. If you will, the Jon Pertwee to Delano's Tom Baker and Carey's Peter Capaldi. (And yes, you pesky kids, Milligan's [ Spoiler : Sylveste McCoy ].)


    Ha ha hah ! You thought I was going to say [ Spoiler : David Tennant ] !


    Nah, son. Mina was McCoy. Milligan is....*cue Dr. EVIL close up and pinky* [ Spoiler : John Hurt!! ]



    That's right. I went there

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